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Great Smoothie Ideas for Home Cooks

Are you a home cook who has just joined in the healthy smoothies bandwagon?

You might be browsing online for ideas on how to prepare healthy smoothies for your family. We have here a few brilliant options for you. We want to impart to you the knowledge that we have gained on how to introduce nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants to your daily diet through smoothie preparations that everyone will enjoy.

Is it difficult for you to coax children into eating their vegetables? Those days are over because you can prepare for green smoothies for them and they won’t even know that you have included about five vegetables that they hardly touch when you place them on their plates.

Has it become more complicated for you to prepare vegetables for grandma or grandpa since their delicate constitutions can’t seem to handle the high fiber content of the healthy greens that they definitely need in their daily diet?

These days, the sky is the limit when it comes to healthy smoothies possibilities. Make sure to write these down because within the week you will be preparing these smoothie options and they will taste so good that everyone -young and old-will ask for second helpings. (Or if they can’t be given second helpings they will look forward to the very next time that you will prepare smoothies for them again.)

· Mango madness with nectar of the gods prepared with beet, cucumber, and squash.

· Berry bonanza with yoghurt prepared with celery, kale, and romaine lettuce.

· Gazpacho smoothies with a generous helping of tomatoes, a hint of mint, thyme, and a serving of cauliflower.,55378525.html,55378527.html

We have just given you a sneak peak at the exciting new world of healthy smoothies that await you. There is a whole universe to be explored.

If you want to prepare something that is absolutely scrumptious and delicious for your family today, here are two healthy smoothie recipes that we have prepared. The first is the Apricot-mango smoothie blend. In terms of nutritional value, this smoothie preparation is good enough to provide young tots with the energy boost that they need for the day. In the meantime, it is also good enough for adults who want to stave off wrinkles and feel refreshed and alert.

The ingredient are: 1) a cup of apricot halves, 2) a half cup of low fat, calcium-rich soy milk, 3) ice cubes, 3) half a cup of sliced ripe mangoes, 4) half a cup of kale, 5) a small piece of ginger with skin, finely chopped, 6)a quarter cup of yoghurt, 7) ice cubes. The first step to making this healthy and tasty smoothie is to blend the apricot, mango, soy milk, yoghurt, and ice until the blend is smooth. Add the ginger and kale before the final blend to add texture to the mix (and loads of additional nutrients, too). As soon as the desired consistency is achieved, pour into glasses and serve to family members.

The second smoothie preparation that we recommend is a Merry Berry mix that children and adults will definitely love. This mouth-watering smoothie requires the following ingredients: 1) 200 mL cranberry juice, 2) 150 grams of raspberries (frozen or fresh), 3) half a cup of all-natural yoghurt, 4) a tablespoon of honey, 5) ice cubes. All the ingredients need to be placed inside the blender and mixed until smooth and well-incorporated. Pour into glasses and serve with a sprig of fresh mint on top.

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