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Portable Restrooms Just A Few Considerations

Are you planning a big event-such as an outdoor wedding or a large family reunion–and feel a portable restroom facility just might be a good investment? If so, you’ve made a good choice since portable restrooms eliminate crowds of people from continually entering and exiting one’s home. For starters, throngs of people can wreak havoc on one’s carpeting and if your event includes any number of people you might not know well who would choose to use your personal restroom in your home, and perhaps take a ‘tour’ of your home out of sheer curiosity, it can leave one feeling a bit unsettled. A portable restroom that accommodates all your guests eliminates on-going traffic in your home and puts your mind at ease!

There are various types of portable restrooms; and each style has its own potential for meeting any particular gathering-from family reunions to golf events to elegant pool parties.

Types of Portable Restrooms:

Styles and models of portable restrooms range from the very basic single-person design with no amenities–including no-flush toilets-to more enhanced units with a flushing commode, a sink, perhaps a skylight and a mirror. Some enhanced models can still be pretty basic while much more elaborate restroom suites include flat-screen TV’s and surround sound. But let’s face it, you’ll rent what you can comfortably afford and you shouldn’t feel guilty if the style you choose isn’t considered the most elaborate, ‘crème de le crème’ model.

1: Standard Units:

For those who need the absolute essential necessities in a mobile restroom-perhaps those who might be planning a bachelor party–a standard unit would do just fine. These basic units do not include a flushing commode but do contain a holding tank, of course, a single urinal, TP dispenser and hand sanitizer. Yes, pretty darn basic and no bells and whistles. But for those simpler gatherings, the basics are all one would need.

2: Enhanced Units:

A toilet that actually flushes is part of these more embellished models. One can also expect a sink with running water-some have hot and cold while some provide only cold. An interior light with mirror and TP and paper towel dispensers with sanitizing soft soap are added niceties. This style would be very functional for a family reunion that isn’t overly large.

3: Luxury Units:

Luxury restrooms offer amenities that one would find in an elegant Los Angeles restaurant or a fine hotel. Usually mounted on a trailer, some of the comforts with these upscale restroom suites just might surprise you: hot and cold running water, baby-changing stations, separate male and female entries, granite countertops with fine wood cabinetry, surround sound, wall-mounted flat-screens, crown molding, laminate wood flooring and freshly cut flowers. One can even choose the very best of the luxury units where professionally-uniformed staff oversee the units to ensure all systems are continuously functioning properly and make sure all supplies are well stocked throughout the rental period.

Renting Fees For Portable Restrooms:

The price you’ll end up paying for a portable restroom will take into consideration not only the quality of the model you choose but the number of units you will utilize, how long you will use the units and how far your gathering will be from the restroom supplier. You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the more units you rent and the longer you would need one or more units, the less you most likely will pay for the rental fee. Like other commodities in life, you receive discounts when you buy in bulk. This is pretty much the same concept.,55379019.html,55379021.html

For a one-day occasion, a clean, portable restroom with very limited amenities will run anywhere from $100 to $200 per day while the more upscale models that are ‘dressed to impress’ will low-ball at $300 a day per unit up to $1500.00 a day or several thousand dollars more! Obviously, the more amenities your guests will enjoy, the higher the price. As with most things, you will get what you pay for.

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