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Individual vs Shared Proxies: Choosing the Right Option

A proxy gives you the ability to be unrecognizable. Who knows what’s behind the silhouette?

Proxies are necessary for both work and fun. They allow marketers and SEO specialists to parse data, arbitrageurs to drive traffic, crypto investors to submit multiple requests for token sales, and SMM managers to promote communities with the help of mass-liking and multi-accounting. For the rest, they provide anonymity and protection from attackers.

And, as is customary, a paid service is much better than one that costs nothing. Free proxy servers often don’t work at all or their speed tends to zero. At worst, they are purposefully designed to steal personal data and infect your device with spyware.

In the modern world, proxy servers have become an indispensable tool to ensure privacy and security online. Proxies from the ALTVPN offer a wide range of proxy servers, including individual and shared ones. Visit a website and buy a proxy server that is perfect for you!

What is the essence of individual proxies?

Individual proxies belong only to the owner. No one else can gain access. This is their most important difference from public servers available to everyone.

The owner can be sure of an individual server: personal data will not leak. Only private servers provide true anonymity that will not be compromised by a random guest. They are suitable for complex work tasks that involve multiple accounts.

The speed and protection of private servers is also higher, which is also extremely important. It doesn’t matter whether you need a server to play on a server where you were banned or to earn more by promoting your business on social networks.

How is a shared proxy different from an individual proxy?

With shared proxies, you share the responsibility equally. That’s not a bad thing if you’re a shared proxy.

IPv4 proxies cost a decent amount of money, they are an order of magnitude more expensive than IPv6 servers. This is because there are far fewer available addresses in the old protocol than in the new one.

At the same time, the fourth generation is supported by all sites, and the new format is just developing. So often, especially for work, it is worth taking universal IPv4, which work with every site in the network. If your budget does not allow you to buy expensive servers, you can buy cheaper proxies with the same protocol.

These are just shared proxies. Their main feature is that they have all the qualities of individual proxies, but at the same time they are owned by several people in a joint venture. So everyone pays several times less than the usual price, getting an acceptable level of anonymity and server reliability.

The functionality of shared (the Russian analogue of the term ‘shared’) proxy servers is the same as that of individual ones. You can use them for parsing, pouring traffic, participating in tokensails, multi-accounting. The real difference is that the server can be used for the same purposes by someone other than you. For some tasks, where uniqueness of accounts is especially important, only an individual server is suitable.

The negative sides of a shared proxy include reduced speed if one of the co-owners connects a proxy on several devices. There is also a risk of losing personal data, because several people have access to the server.

Where and how to choose a proxy?

The proxy service from which you are going to buy servers should be chosen carefully. Especially if you need proxies for mass actions in your business and you are going to buy a large number of addresses.

In case of shared servers even more attention is required ALTVPN proxy, for example, limits the number of server owners to three people. This way the chances of losing the purchased address due to someone else’s actions are lower. At the same time, shared IPv4 proxies are available in all key connection types: HTTP, HTTPS and SOCKS5.


The final decision is up to you. Buy an individual proxy at full price? Or save money on a shared proxy but risk compromising your IP address?

Both options have their advantages. The main thing is to play the cards you’re dealt.

So check your proxies, plan your work with shared and individual servers, and then proxies will bring you money.



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