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Best Street Food in Kolkata

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is a vibrant place woven with history, culture, and, most importantly, incredible food. And when it comes to food, nothing quite captures the essence of Kolkata like its bustling street scene, where the air is thick with the aroma of spices and the sounds of sizzling and frying. So, buckle up for a delicious journey as we explore the best street food that Kolkata offers, guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more!

King of the Streets: Phuchka

No street food tour of Kolkata is complete without experiencing the legendary phuchka. There are different types of golgappas with various kinds of fillings. Kolkata offers a wide variety of fillings and water options. The fillings consist of onions, spices, mashed potatoes, chutneys and spices. Every bite is going to give you a different blend of all the mixers. Do not forget to add some tangy tamarind water mixture to your golgappa if you like it a little sweet. Do not forget to book your Bangalore to Kolkata flight to experience this amazing culinary journey.  

Ghugni Chaat: A Bean Dream

Ghughni chaat is a flavourful dish with warm boiled white peas. The peas are simmered in a tasty tomato gravy, which adds flavour to the chaat. It is then topped with chopped onions, coriander and chutney. Ghugni chaat is a burst of tangy, spicy, and savoury flavours that will leave you wanting more. It’s a perfect snack for a rainy day or a light lunch.

Jhal Muri: The Spicy Puffed Rice Delight

Jhal Muri is a must-have street food in Kolkata. The puffed rice is tossed with tamarind and various chutneys with a good mix of onions, tomatoes, peanuts and spices. It is a great day snack that is flavourful and extremely affordable. 

Beyond the Classics: A Foodie’s Paradise

While the list of savoury, must-try street foods is endless in Kolkata, you cannot forget the sweet side that the city has to offer. There are various Bengali sweets that are famous in Kolkata. If you have a sweet tooth, then you will love the sandesh, mishti dahi and cham cham. 

Where to Find Your Street Food Fix?

The beauty of Kolkata’s street food lies in its accessibility. You’ll find vendors on almost every corner, wafting delicious aromas that are impossible to resist. Some of the must-visit street food hubs include:

New Market: 

A chaotic yet charming market with a dizzying array of street food stalls.

Park Street: 

Home to iconic joints like Nahoum’s and Hot Kathi Rolls, perfect for a quick and satisfying bite.

Chowringhee Lane: 

A vibrant lane with vendors offering Chinese-influenced street food like dragon and chilli chicken.

Prinsep Ghat: 

Enjoy delectable street food while taking in the scenic beauty of the Hooghly River.


If you are visiting Kolkata soon, then make sure to dive into the delicious world of street food. You will get to experience various flavours of the street food adventure, all at a very affordable price. It is definitely one of the best experiences that a big foodie can have. So prepare yourself to be swept away by the culinary magic in Kolkata this time. You can book your flight using Cleartrip for cheaper flights. 



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