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How much does sturgeon caviar cost? The Complete Guide - Mazing US
Friday, February 23, 2024
HomeFood & BeverageHow much does sturgeon caviar cost? The Complete Guide

How much does sturgeon caviar cost? The Complete Guide

Aristocrats and the higher ranks joined the culture of caviar consumption since ancient times. The exquisite taste, attractive appearance and uniqueness of the product still make people buy caviar online today. It is easy to get the desired jar, but only if you are ready to pay a relatively high price for it.

If you want to know what is the cheapest caviar, and what makes it so expensive, read the opinion of Bester Caviar, the producer of high-quality caviar products for gourmands. 

What affects the price of caviar

The determination of the market price is based on several factors. For example, the type of sturgeon fish. Difficulties with transportation also affect the cost. A careful selection of treats will allow you to take possession of an excellent delicacy and enjoy its consumption.

Type of fish and how it affects the price

Sturgeon fish are used to obtain a valuable product, but not all representatives can boast the ability to give off caviar. For this reason, producers try to equip special farms to keep those species that are a source of delicacy.

Among the available options, the high cost of caviar per pound is characteristic of beluga caviar. The rare fish is on the verge of extinction, and the product has excellent taste characteristics. Sturgeon and starred sturgeon are also used for production, but the price of the delicacy is lower. 

Time to grow the fish

To obtain the famous delicacy, it is necessary to grow fish in special aqua farms. This reduces the catch and takes care of the continued existence of beluga or sturgeon. Since keeping fish on farms takes quite a long time, sellers include the following things in the price:

  • feed;
  • costs for creating conditions;
  • costs of obtaining eggs.

The cheapest price for caviar is often due to the fact that the time of keeping the fish is about 10 years. This period is enough for the females to move into the age for spawning and product formation. However, if we talk about beluga, the holding period increases to 18 years, so the expenses are higher, as well as the price.

Method of caviar collection and storage

The production cycle includes not only the cultivation of representatives of sturgeon, but also the collection of the “harvest”. This task is performed manually, which affects the cost of the product. In addition, farmed fish can spawn only once: it is necessary to kill the female fish in order to collect the eggs.

The rapid loss of freshness also affects the formation of the price. Transportation and storage require compliance with important conditions, because otherwise the quality of the delicacy decreases. Due to certain complications, the cost of caviar per ounce can reach a high value. 

Formation of the price for caviar

The cost of the product depends on many factors, some of which are listed above. Producers face various difficulties, so they try to ensure the necessary profit for the delivery of the delicacy to the buyers. For this reason, the price of the product significantly increases.

The list of aspects that affect the formation of the cost can be supplemented by the following:

  • caviar quality: if the label indicates A-grade, it means you have a quality product in front of you;
  • characteristics of eggs: the size and color fastness also affect the cost, so products that do not meet the requirements are cheaper;
  • availability of demand: the more popular beluga caviar is, the higher is the price on the market.

Buying the most expensive type of caviar allows you to enjoy the exquisite taste and enjoy eating it. It is up to you to decide how to serve it, because today’s chefs offer successful combinations with breadcrumbs and other products. 

Based on the above, the most expensive delicacy is beluga caviar ($3,950 per pound) and the most affordable treat is Kaluga caviar ($1,000 per pound). You can find a product that will allow you to taste the whole bouquet of flavors in an online store with a wide range of products.



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