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What You Should Know About Vacation Rental Cleaning

It’s become critical for hosts to schedule routine cleanings for their properties in recent years as part of effective vacation rental management. Regular cleanings help keep rentals shining and also have several favorable commercial implications.

Every host has dealt with the dreaded negative review at some point and understands how inconvenient negative reviews can be. A frequent criticism that can result in a poor review is a vacation rental’s hygiene and cleanliness. To avoid this, hosts should constantly maintain their rentals clean.

Cleaning a vacation rental vs. regular cleaning

While cleaning a rental property may appear to be similar to other types of cleaning, there are key distinctions.

Vacation rental cleaners frequently follow a checklist provided by hosts. Soap and water alone are insufficient for proper cleaning. You should disinfect your short-term rental, not just clean it, to remove gems and minimize health concerns for your guests.

Apart from standard cleaning procedures, vacation rental cleaning entails certain additional processes.

  • Sanitizing and spraying down all surfaces, including:
  • Shelves
  • Countertops
  • Lighting controls
  • Doorknobs
  • Handles
  • Portable objects, such as a remote control
  • Deep-cleaning living room furniture and carpets at least once or twice a year 
  • Conducting a stock inventory of all rooms for critical goods 
  • Keeping track of stock counts in each room and restocking any low stock Testing a variety of amenities, including faucets, water pressure, geysers, televisions, and jacuzzis.
  •  Notifying the host or property manager of any lost things.

Cleaning a vacation rental demands cleaners to go above and beyond. Additionally, they are responsible for collecting inventory and inspecting the property’s facilities for proper operation.

Self-cleaning vs. Hiring a Cleaning Service: The Advantages and Disadvantages

When organizing a cleaning, you must determine whether to hire a cleaning agency or do the work yourself. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and you should base your selection on numerous factors:

• the location of your rental

• the size of your rental

• the average time required to clean 

• the amount of time available to devote to cleaning

• the number of rentals you manage.

If you live a long distance from your property, it may be more convenient to employ an external cleaning service to take care of the cleaning. Additionally, if you lack the time to devote to cleaning, it is better to hire a team of professionals.

You may not need to employ a cleaning company if you live in or near your property and are capable of cleaning it on your own. If this is the case, ensure that you can commit to the essential cleaning on a timely basis. Typically, cleanings occur between visitors’ check-in and check-out. As a result, you will frequently be working on a tight schedule.

Pros of hiring a cleaning service include the following: 

• You can relax knowing that your vacation rental cleaning will be handled by specialists, and 

• Having someone else clean frees up your time to focus on other business problems.

• You will need to spend time interviewing and reviewing companies to discover one that is a good fit.

• Hiring a cleaning crew will add to the expense, which could result in a smaller net profit.

Self-Cleaning: Advantages: 

• Cleaning is a continuous process, and self-cleaning will save you money in the long term.

• You’ll never have to worry about quality control because you’ll be cleaning your vacation property on your own.

• You’ll spend a lot of time cleaning, as your rental must be inspected after each guest checks out.

• You will have less time to focus on other elements of your business and increase revenues. 

• You may become overwhelmed if you manage a large number of rentals that require frequent cleaning.

How Much Does It Cost to Clean a Vacation Rental?

The cost of a rental cleaning varies and is determined by factors such as the size and location of your home, as well as the price structure used by the firm. Companies can charge anything from less than $100 in a small town to $350 in a large city like New York. Typically, hosts charge visitors a cleaning fee to cover cleaning costs.

Hosts can either add the money to the booking cost separately or include it in their nightly rate. Consider your competition when determining your fee. If your vacation rental cleaning charge is significantly more than that of your competitors, guests may be hesitant to book with you. You may always use your competitors’ prices as a benchmark when establishing your own.

Websites for Locating and Booking Cleaning Services

Now that you’ve prepared your hiring procedure, you can begin looking for possible employers. Utilize the channels listed below to connect with a variety of vacation rental cleaning companies or alternatively, use a channel manager to manage everything in one place:

1. HomeAdvisor

2. Turnoverbnb

3. Airtasker


Organizing vacation rental cleanings involves some thought and planning. You can ensure that your guests have the greatest possible stay and feel safe at your properties by utilizing smart management and automation systems.

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