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Summer Fun for Kids – 5 Ways to Keep Them Entertained 

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Summer vacations will be starting soon, and the long days of summer make your kids more restless than ever. The last thing your kids would want is to get bored or spend much of their time glued to play stations or cartoons. Whether you are a working or stay-at-home parent, keeping your child entertained can be challenging. They get bored quickly and start hunting for activities that might be interesting to them. So, why not keep them entertained with some of your kids’ best summer fun activities? Besides engaging them, these activities help them learn something valuable, refrain from childhood obesity, make them intelligent and strong, and build emotional and mental bonds. So, without further ado, here are five suitable activities to keep your bundle of joy entertained.  

Arrange a Summer Camping Trip 

Many of you look back upon your childhood days of summer camping. They recall the excitement of making a fire for the first time with friends or the carefree hours spent swimming in the summer heat. A holiday camp can become more than just a way to spend one’s summer vacation. Children develop, explore, and learn about themselves, the people around them, and the world at camp while having fun. 

Children participate in various group activities in summer camp. Indulging in sports like bowling or volleyball teaches them to work in a team, interact with the other kids, and solve issues independently. It will help your child develop leadership, communication, and social skills. 

Indulge Them in Arts and Crafts 

One activity that can keep your kids entertained is art and crafts. This activity is perfect for pre-school to 8-year-old kids. Give them finger paints, colored pens, markers, chalks, and lots of drawing paper, and let them draw to their heart’s content. Even marble painting is an excellent idea for your kids. Get some activity paint in various shades, a pack of marbles, a metal box, poster paper, etc. Fix the box’s bottom with thick poster sheets, and let your kids coat the marbles with colors and drop them into the box.  

Depending on how many colors they want, they can use as few or as many marbles as they choose. Shake the box a couple of times properly after closing the lid. Open it, and the painting is complete! Now wash the marbles and experiment with various colors. Instead of sealing the lid and shaking the box, older children may try rolling the marbles carefully in an open box or tray. 

You can also encourage your kids to do some finger painting. This is one such activity that can develop their cognitive skills and support sensory integration. While you watch your little Picassos drawing to their heart’s content, it’ll help build their motor skills.   

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Take Your Kids to Swimming Lessons and Hiking 

As it is summertime, nothing can be better than spending some time in the pool water. It will also help enhance your kid’s strength, fitness, and flexibility and improve cardiovascular health. This crucial life skill can prevent drowning in children ages 1-4, a leading cause of mortality. Consider your child’s emotional maturity, physical and developmental talents and limits, and comfort level in the water before taking them to swim class. Your children must get their swimming lessons under trained experts. Do not leave them alone in the pool ever if this is their first time. Though the experts keep a keen eye on the kids, an extra pair of eyes can always be more helpful.  

Besides swimming classes, take them for a hike in the nearby park or an easy trail. Let them enjoy the area and also pack some snacks to have a small picnic there.  

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Solve Puzzles with Your Kids 

When you perform an activity with your kids, they enjoy it even more. Solving puzzles can be fun, but it can also develop their brains and improve concentration.  

So, select an age-appropriate puzzle for youngsters to obtain the maximum attention advantage from puzzles. If something is too challenging, children become frustrated and give up often. However, overly easy puzzles do not give enough challenge to improve your child’s concentration and patience. 

Knobbed puzzles with few pieces are typically the best choice for a one-year-old. Try a 16 to 20-piece jigsaw puzzle with big parts for a 3-year-old.  

Scavenger Hunting 

Give the kids a huge box and arrange a little scavenger hunt inside if you don’t mind making your house messy. You can even arrange it on your lawn. Set a time limit and give them the option to compete against one another. Instruct them to place them across the box alphabetically. 

So, the kids can grab an apple from the kitchen, a strawberry from the refrigerator, or a ballpoint pen from the work table. They must try to hunt for objects alphabetically and fit everything in the box. Your kids can even play this game with their friends.  

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Final Thoughts 

So, these are the five ways you can keep your kids engaged and entertained throughout the summer. Apart from those five, there are many activities, such as – visiting the nearby beach, setting up a water sprinkler in the yard and having a splash, catching up with the kid’s movies either in the theater or at home, gardening with parents, flying kites, indulging in beautiful books, etc. Make sure to list all the activities to keep your naughty ones from bouncing off the walls out of boredom before the school closes for vacation.  

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