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Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition!


The masterpiece of Franz Schubert and one of the most famous compositions in classical music, the Great Symphony in D major is a waltz-tune commissioned by the von Bülow family.

It consists of four movements, each lasting only 4 minutes. The movement begins with a majestic introduction followed by an exciting march and then two fast scherzos that provide fun to the audience. The piece ends with a somber farewell as the orchestra takes its leave. Franz Schubert’s masterful composition is highly remembered today because it was dedicated to Franz Liszt, his student, who has known and admired it deeply over all these years.

What is the Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition?

The music and I have always had a special relationship. When I was a little baby, my mother would sing me to sleep with the melody of “Adeste Fideles.” After hearing my mother sing countless times, I could even hum the tune by myself.

Now that I am in secondary school, Music is one of my favorite subjects. The teacher once said something interesting: A person who has music has everything! Did those great composers have something magical that allowed them to compose the most beautiful songs? Significance of Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition:

Classical music and the orchestra have been an integral part of our lives for a long time. Just like how a picture is worth a thousand words, classical music has the ability to transmit messages without saying a word. A wonderful piece of music lifts people’s hearts, inspires tears, and awakens the deepest corners of one’s soul with emotion. It is through classical music that we can not only see a beautiful painting or a wonderful sculpture but we can also sense the beauty of life itself. Franz Schubert’s masterpiece is no exception.

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Why is it Famous?

Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition is definitely famous for its masterful composition. The melody sounds like a triumphant march with the sound of drums, stirring each listener’s soul. With that said, the piece is actually not as expressive as it may seem at first. The composer’s intention in writing this music was simply to entertain his audience by making them tap their toes to the beat. As I am composing, ideas come to my mind in waves like a storm that has just broken or a bird that has flown over buildings and trees and I feel as if I am in a dream.” When Franz Schubert was asked whether he had any special plans for his music, he simply answered: “Not really.


Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition is a masterful composition and one of the greatest pieces in classical music. The key to success is that you have to know what to do and what not to do. It is imperative for you as a composer to understand that in order for your music to be supported by the orchestra, it has to be simple and easy to understand by people of all ages. Tour of Franz Schubert’s Greatest Composition is an impressive piece that touches his listeners’ heart through beautiful melodies and soothing harmonies.



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