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The Best Damascus Chef knives

Damascus chef knives from the city of Damascus – the very heart of the historical homeland of edged weapons – are popular all over the world. Modern masters offer the consumer a wide variety of models for various purposes: hunting and fishing, tourism, and cuisine.

You can buy the best Damascus knives of high quality and at affordable prices in the special online store “damascsu1”. The site has a simple and easy navigation system that will help you make quick decisions about choosing the right product.

Features and characteristics of Damascus steel

The blade is a special compound that is distinguished by excellent hardness and flexibility, making it almost impossible to break the blade. Damascus steel is made according to a special technology, during which it is treated with special heat.

This version was lost some time ago but due to trial and error, many experiments were able to revive it. All scientific works have been written about the manufacture of ancient, traditional Damascus steel.

The main advantages of the Damascus knife:

  • Durability and reliability – The manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years;
  • Possibility to bring razor sharpness;

Unparalleled in care – Like any other knife, after each use, they should be dried and periodically cleaned with rags and special tools.

They accelerate for a long time – this process is done according to the standard scheme itself, however, due to the increasing strength of Damascus Steel, it will take time and effort. To avoid damaging the knife, it is best to leave the matter to a professional.

In addition, the best models of Damascus knives attract attention with an indescribable, brilliant pattern formed on the blades under the influence of temperature. The deeper the background, the lighter the lines, the clearer the pattern, and the better and more expensive the finished product.

You can order a Damascus knife from us quickly and easily!

damascus1 online store works directly with the best Damascus artisans, so we guarantee the highest quality of Damascus chef knives. Each model carries a certificate of compatibility and a warranty card. In our catalog, you will find more than 3.5 thousand items of goods, which will allow you to quickly find the items you need. Our qualified experts will advise you in detail about any unit and help you place an order.

Our bulat is made according to traditional ancient recipes. Handles – from natural materials (birch, beech, walnut, etc.). Many models come with a genuine leather case.

  • Fine-tuning of cutting edge German equipment;
  • Application of initial or dedicated writing;
  • Gift wrap.

A Damascus knife will be a wonderful souvenir for a man on any memorable date – birthday, anniversary, successful conclusion of a contract, etc.

The online store regularly hosts sales and various promotions that allow you to save some money on your purchases without sacrificing quality.

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