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How to choose a Damascus Folding knife

For all questions related to the choice of high-quality knives, please contact Damascus1 We try to satisfy the selective demand of domestic connoisseurs of real knives and today we will understand the recommendations for choosing tourist models for travel and outings into the wild.

Naturally, knives of a specific type are suitable for field conditions. These are compact models with an approximate blade length of 10 to 15 cm, with a case, or folding, easy to carry and use: open the package, cut the food, plan the wood, cut the rope, carefully remove the mushroom. In some situations, in open areas, the same tourist a knife can become a weapon of defense against dogs or wild animals, and this should also be considered when choosing this hiking companion.

What generalized properties should a Damascus Folding knife have, and what parameters must be taken into account when choosing? For hiking, a folding knife is most suitable, which can be easily stored in a pocket or bag. For travel by transport, the size of a knife in luggage is not so critical, and in use, of course, a single-piece clumsy design is preferable.

A Damascus folding knife 

must have high functionality with minimal weight and size characteristics. It turns out that the length and weight of hiking models must be taken into account first of all because they are designed for easy carrying and transportation in a bag.

In this choice, special requirements are placed on the handle, because almost all the time this knife is worn folded to be at the right time nearby. If you intend to use the knife in wet conditions, or with direct contact with water, it is better to provide a handle made of stainless steel, plastic, or polymer, composite overlays.

The limit of the useful length of a folded knife for the hand of a man of average build can be conditionally considered 20 cm, and the shape of the handle is required without pointed protrusions. Accordingly, for the option with a one-piece design, the total length of the Damascus folding knife is optimal up to 25 cm.

With a movable connection of a thin blade

the high strength of the steel blade is required, on which the rigidity of the folding mechanism and the resistance of the blade to fracture depend. The shape, width, and transverse design must provide a rigid, impact-resistant connection between the base of the blade and the handle, which also applies to the purpose of self-defense.

The reliable mechanism for opening and fixing the blade. 

When choosing a folding hiking model, it is better to give preference to the most reliable and simple mechanisms, BACK-LOCK, TRI-AD-LOCK, FRAME-LOCK. The more additional blades and functional devices (multi-tool) in the model, the more the main qualities of the knife are lost.

High steel hardness

cutting ability, and corrosion resistance. Infield conditions, you often have to cut on weight, and it is not always possible to properly care for a knife, and from this side, models made of high-strength stainless or laminated steel are preferred. To fulfill the functional purpose, the small size of the blade must be compensated by the sharpest sharpening and the cutting edge resistant to blunting.

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Touring knives with a one-piece compact design have a predatory appearance, they are easily comparable to models for hunting. There is no limit to perfection, and even in a campaign, such a thing as a knife says a lot about the status of the owner. The HMHSD-010 knife from Damascus Hunting is an example of a combination of functionality, durability, and laconic design.

What an original idea to paint the micarta handle in the color of the most beautiful Damascus! The limiter on the butt, the thickness of the base of the blade is 4 mm, and the backstop on the handle emphasize the seriousness of the “if anything” and a snug fit in the hand. Shirogami steel, blade hardness up to 61 HRC, sharp sharpening #12000, and leather sheath included.

Traditional Japanese Higo-type folding knives

Traditional Japanese Higo-type folding knives, with a lever for opening and locking the blade in the working position, are distinguished by the simplest reliable design, as well as precise fitting of parts made of high-quality materials. For these models, blades of a universal type or with a steep butt bevel are made from durable carbon and combined steel. 

The Higo models from Damascus and MCUSTA combine traditional practices with modern technology. They were embodied in the model MC-193C this is a knife that you want to take out, hold in your hands, open, and work with for any reason, whether on a hike, in the garden, or at home. Included with it is a gorgeous knitted fabric cover just a feast for the eyes!

An affordable alternative in case of a one-time trip can be a budget “fishing” model with a one-piece design, a monolithic plastic handle, and a fin or beveled blade.

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