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5 Tips for Facebook Event Marketing

5 Tips for Facebook Event Marketing

You’re familiar with the grueling(BUY FACEBOOK FOLLOWERS UK) nature of events if you have ever worked in them.

There are many moving parts. Speakers can drop out, venues fail, and the worst problem is that the keynote is only five minutes away. The business return and the sheer excitement are what make it worth it.

Yet, it shouldn’t be any more complicated than it needs to be.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix the problems on-site. It’s normal for things to happen. You can improve the marketing process. It can be done cheaper and quicker. These pain points can be addressed. 

Today, we’re going to discuss this. So you can make a profit on your conference investment, we’ll show you the five best Facebook event marketing practices.

1. For your conference, create a Facebook event

Although it may seem obvious, many marketers fail to do this. While they may be able to do the rest, such as promoting conferences on their Facebook pages, they fail to see this crucial aspect.

It is easy to follow and takes very little time. 

For a modest effort, you can get some great things. Invite attendees from your Facebook friends list easily, making them much more likely to sign-up. All attendees will receive reminders when the conference draws near so that they don’t forget. They’ll also have the option of inviting their friends.

However, the best thing about it is that you get a newsfeed placement for free. Every time someone signs up for an event on Facebook, it is posted on their wall so that their friends can see it. It may be visible to their friends, too. It’s a free high-traffic space, and they’ll send those ads to their friends who they trust.

  • Not a bad deal.
  • Facebook Event Page
  • Social Media Marketing World 2015 had a helpful page. Make sure to bookmark it!

[Tweet] Use your existing creative when creating a FB page for your conference. This saves time and $.”]

2. Your products via Facebook

This should be obvious, and most people do it already, although they might not be doing it well.

You don’t need to hard-sell when you post about your products via Facebook. I hope that you won’t. Hard-selling can turn your page into a glorified billboard and reduce your engagement. Instead, talk about the things that are important to your community. Talk about motorcycles if you are selling them. Discuss the lifestyle, best routes to ride, and how to avoid injury.

These topics are brand agonistic, so people read more. They’re trustworthy.

It would help if you also talked about the benefits your event has for your followers. Post some takeaways from a session at a B2B educational event. Let them see a preview of the information they will learn. You can also market your product – hashtags, tagging, etc. It would help if you did not forget to provide value for your fans. Although it might be entertainment, it’s still much more than shouting at your attendees to attend your conference.

Marketing via Facebook Page Event

Marketo offers its customers a reason to come by, stating exactly what they will learn if they do.

3. Install the Facebook Comments Plug-In

Your conference likely has a website or a web page dedicated to it. Perhaps you have a blog that describes your preparations for the event.

Note: click here

It doesn’t matter what it is. This is an opportunity to engage. Even if your comments section is already set up, you are still missing an opportunity to engage with it. It supports the Facebook commenting system and allows you to post comments directly on Facebook.

This is advertising for free.

People want to talk about your conference, and they want to hear about it. It increases awareness and creates a buzz which ultimately leads to more registrations.

Please take a look at this plug-in, and then make it a point to install it.

Facebook comments plug-in

This is a blog post. It is not related to any event. However, Social Media World 2015 was mentioned. This is Facebook advertising for free.

[Tweet: “Whenever you blog about your conference on Facebook, make sure to use the Facebook Comments Plug-In for greater exposure.”]

4. Organise contests

Facebook contests can be a great way to promote a conference. Keep your relevance.

This is less relevant if you are running sweepstakes or quizzes. However, it is essential to ask your contestants what they want and give them a prize. Giving away tickets is a good idea. It has always worked. It will not feel sincere to ask your entrants for something unrelated to the conference to get them or to award the person who liked your posts most.

There are many options. If you are hosting an email conference, quiz people about their email marketing knowledge. Run a photo contest to find the most creative use of QR codes for sessions on QR codes.

Whatever your message, make sure it’s relevant and engaging. This will help you get more registrations.

Before you enter the contest, don’t forget to check out our top posts!

Facebook Contest

Solar power is the conference’s focus, so they asked for information about solar installations. It is relevant and encourages interest in solar power.

[Tweet] “Make sure that your prizes and contests are relevant to your conference.” You’ll be viewed as gimmicky.”

5. Run Facebook Ads

It would help if you also run ads to promote the conference. It will help if you run ads to promote your discussion.

Think about reach. There are only so many email addresses that you can send emails to. More is better.

Consider partner categories. These are buyer personas based on offline purchasing data. You might consider targeting people with lower incomes and younger age groups if you hold a conference for start-ups.

They have partner categories. If you are looking for an executive presence, look at the people who have recently stayed in luxury hotels or purchased a sports car. They also have partner categories.

You may want to spread the word to Facebook users interested in your conference. Facebook ads can help you get it done faster, no matter what route you choose. When you compare traditional media costs.

Such as radio spots and television commercials, Facebook ads are much cheaper than those of conventional media. It’s literally like night and day when you compare the cost of a few Facebook ad campaigns.

Facebook Ad for Social Media Marketing World

Facebook is an excellent tool for marketing products and services. But it also works well for events. It’s all about doing it right.

Let us know what you did to market your conference last year on Facebook. Are you more comfortable with ads or contests? Are you happy to create an event on Facebook?

Leave a comment below to tell us about it!

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