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Why Is Drug Test For Employment Necessary?

While you do not pose a threat to the company and have been completely honest and forthcoming on your resume, a company has no guarantee that all candidates are the same. With employee fraud on the rise, companies have to be very careful with their screening and hiring process. Hiring employees without doing a full background check could potentially put a company at risk.

How companies do background verification: Every company needs to protect their interests and reputation, which is why background checks are important. It is hard for companies to trust candidates when they have not done a full background check on all of their potential hires to find out if they are being honest and forthcoming about their past. While you may be an honest, trustworthy person with nothing to hide, other candidates may have a history of criminal activity that companies need to be aware of before hiring them. Background checks can help make sure that candidates are the right fit for your company and that you are hiring someone who has the best intentions in mind.

As a company, you need to protect your interests and keep your reputation clean. It’s good for business, especially when competitors are looking for any way to put you down or steal your clients. Let’s face it; employees can be a gold mine of information if they decide to take advantage of their position. That’s why background verification is one of the most important things that companies can do for themselves. When you check up on applicants through a background screening report, you’ll increase the accuracy of your hiring decisions, which leads to lower employee turnover and increased productivity overall.

The rising menace of drug abuse test at the workplace can be daunting for anyone. Though workplace drug testing is mandated by law in most countries for some years now, it is only now that employers are being pulled up by the central and state governments to actually implement it in their offices.

Mr. Shah is a smart man who came up with a plan to identify drug addicts at the workplace. He admits that it was a difficult task, but says he is glad he took the initiative and created awareness among his employees through his unique India’s drug test at work programme. The greatest cause of concern is that over 40% of those in the age group between 15 and 35 years are involved in some form of drug abuse, even though a majority of them are unaware about the harmful effects. Moreover, the report also warns us about an escalation in the use of new psychoactive substances like synthetic drugs, opioids and others with adverse effects.

At a time when drug test in india abuse is the most common problem faced by Indian employers, the problem has reached alarming levels in India. The recent findings of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India in a report titled Magnitude of Substance Use in India 2019 have been an eye opener in assessing the actual magnitude of drug abuse in the country. Further, a report by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime reveals that drug abuse is most common among youngsters in the 15-35 age group, with a concentration in the 18-25 age bracket.

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