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Why build a house in Dholera SIR and the best way to do so?

Before we boil down to why Dholera SIR is an ideal place for building a dream home, let us discuss all about Dholera SIR. Dholera Special Investment Region (SIR) is today’s modern contemporary smart city built amidst Gujarat region with a proximity of a mere 100 km distance from Ahmedabad.

Besides The Government of Gujarat did implement a legal structure in the form of Special Investment Region Act 2009 not just to promote DSIR but such other smart city development construction all across the country. Under this structure, there has been a province made for Dholera Investment in SIR to have things proactively laid out.

A Glimpse at Dholera SIR

DSIR is spread across an area of 920 sq. km. with an outer CRZ area of 580 sq. km. and inner CRZ area of 340 sq. km. Dholera Special Investment Region has the ability to accommodate a population of 2 million by the time the project gets finished over this decade.

What Makes Dholera SIR ideal for Building a Home?

We, right off the bat, will know why DSIR is anticipated to be a truly modernized city of future. To begin with, Dholera Special Investment Region is a dream project by AECOM, the US based world’s largest infrastructure organization.

Additionally, Dholera SIR has got its own act laid out in 2009 which goes after promoting this project. To add up things, Burt Hill is the Town Planner and Halcrow is the Master Planner behind Dholera Special Investment Region. 


  • Dholera SIR is touted to be world’s biggest greenfield smart city spread across 920 sq. km. that is the largest area over any other city on the planet. 
  • The city developed at Dholera Special Investment Region will be the host to Asia’s biggest international airport, with an area of 4000 acres, paving the way to MRO, Cargo, Domestic, and International services.
  • Dholera SIR will have accessibility to the quickest metro in the world in addition to rail services connecting with different parts of the country. 
  • The Ahmedabad-Dholera Interstate highway connects Dholera Special Investment Region to the megacity of Ahmedabad in no time.
  • Having a residential property in Dholera SIR simply means unlimited access to elite facilities with the likes of entertainment, sport, recreation, city center, IT, tourism, residence, and industrial zones. 
  • Expect world class electricity supply at Dholera Special Investment Region with a 5000 Megawatts Solar Plant built at a cost of 25000 crore. 

How to go about putting resources together to build a house in Dholera SIR?

The key factors that have added to the development of the housing market in Gujarat are the limitations imposed by Gujarat Municipal Corporation with a strong extension of essential administrations, an elevated degree of network, and process improvement of building something like a popular and modern business center. There are tons of motivations behind why individuals are already been attracted or consider Dholera Special Investment Region as a ground for building up a dream house. 

The key reason for them all is the expenditure an individual spends in going after private plots in Dholera SIR that is way less as compared to what it will be once the entire project completes ten years down the line. This makes Dholera Special Investment Region a great financial investment to begin with, while having an amazing ROI over the course of time.

The other factors to consider as you go about with the process of buying land at Dholera SIR are degree of adaptability, instant appreciation on bought land, service in no time, absence of purchasing complexities with a clear transparent process, no competition at the moment, property tax affordable to pockets, and build a home exactly as your desire for one. These micro factors are just about strong enough for you to make up your mind by foreseeing what to expect with Dholera Special Investment Region, but even check at the macro factors below that would help strengthen your decision.

  • Easy communication and connectivity to an already established city like Ahmedabad with an interstate highway and a metro line acting as a bridge between the two.
  • The city is expected to give 11% of its area to going green which is acknowledged to be perhaps one of the biggest in country.
  • Around 10% of the city will be committed to help with lodging for the economically weaker areas (EWS).
  • The civic authority will tend to offer every basic facility such as drinkable clean tap water, waste management, underground ducts, storm water drains, and lot others.
  • The region is situated on saline land offering high cropping or plantation yields, paving way for opening up multiple job opportunities for engineers to focus on building an advanced agricultural city to live in.
  • Here, financial investors can have the best degree of simplicity of playing out the business through advantages, for example, freedom and ease of land task structure and the housing necessities is probably going to support as additional businesses and families relocate to this specific area.

What to do next?

Assuming you are casually searching for Private Plots for building your home through land available for purchase in Dholera SIR, you may visit any construction company or a real estate developer whom you entrust after checking through a variety of parameters. Check with them if they are offering you the best land or plot with impending benefits as it is a dream to layout and construct a house in this Dholera Special Investment Region.

Look forward with the ideal real estate developers to have property arrangements accessible at the best cost. Last but not the least before approaching a construction company to get the job done, remember 28% of Dholera Smart City is allocated as a residential zone to reside in a contemporary city like this at an arguably lower cost.



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