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Promoting Your Brand On Instagram: 7 Tips For Success

The monthly users on Instagram are staggering. More than a billion individuals are on the social media platform looking for their daily visual content intake. With that in mind, we can see that the potential for marketing a business is limitless.

The best way to promote a brand online is to inform and educate prospective buyers on the value your services and products bring. However, that’s easier said than done as the work required to build a solid Instagram account is massive.

Still, with the right guidance, Instagram stardom is very achievable. Let’s take a look at some actionable steps below.

Put the spotlight on your followers

Your Instagram account is only successful if your engagement rates are high.

Although there are some vanity metrics, the engagement rate of your Instagram account is not one of them. A good engagement rate on Instagram is anywhere between 2% to 5%, however, it’s never wrong to aim for higher numbers.

To achieve solid engagement on Instagram, you will have to sideline your promotional content and focus on communication with your followers. Spend time in the comment section and try to answer all the incoming questions your followers might have regarding your products and services.

This way, your brand will start to gain a lot of traction and you will even earn respect in the industry due to your dedication to excellence.

Make the most of collaborations

If you decide that you want to promote your brand effectively and rapidly, your best option is to work with Instagram stars. These stars, also known as influencers, can transform your whole brand and bring forth new horizons for you. Growing organically is every business’ priority, and if you want to get more Instagram followers you should consider collaborating with influencers or other businesses.

If you do decide to work with influencers, think about the type of influencer you want. Do you want a mega influencer or one with a smaller number of followers but dedicated to helping your brand grow?

The answer to that question will heavily depend on your budget and marketing needs. So, gather your marketing team and discuss how you should proceed.

Be active

Most businesses online care only about promoting their products and services.

In recent times, we have seen that businesses that don’t foster engagement and supreme customer service, fail very fast. To avoid becoming a passive, sales-oriented brand, make sure to: 

  • Check your DMs and reply;
  • Like and follow your loyal followers;
  • Engage with your followers;
  • Discuss upcoming plans and ideas via newsletters.

Stick to your theme

Most of the time, as soon as there’s a hiccup, businesses completely revamp their strategy thinking that they will end up on top of the situation. However, this is a common pitfall and to avoid it, you should develop a strategy theme that you will trust.

In addition to that, people will have a much easier time identifying your brand if you remain true to your colors.

Provide testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to convince your followers that your brand is well worth their hard-earned money. Task your most loyal customers with writing testimonials for you in exchange for a freebie or a discount coupon.

You can then post the testimonials on all your social media platforms and on your website to further prove to prospective customers that your business’ catalog can offer them unparalleled value.

Approach social media differently

As mentioned above, entertainment-based content is far more popular than regular promotional one. But with the right ideas, you can strike the perfect balance between both. For instance, if you create a funny Reel, you can use captions to refer to your products and also include a CTA leading to your store.

Another great idea is to use product placement in all your visual content posts. This way, you can tap into your follower’s subconscious and instill your brand’s image in their mind effectively.

Set up a shop

There’s nothing that will grow your brand’s online presence as the products your launch. If you produce excellent services and products for clients, they will likely return to your stores for more.

To make things much more convenient for them, set up an online Instagram store and allow them to purchase your goods with just a few clicks from the comfort of their home.

Bottom line

Promoting a brand online, especially on Instagram is cost-effective and extremely fun. By following the tips outlined above, you can be sure that your whole marketing strategy will improve. So, make sure you’re active, collaborate with influencers, and approach social media differently to achieve better results.



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