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What Precautions to Maintain When Using a Paddle Mixer?

Perhaps, you have finalized to invest in a mixer. The fact is every business these days requires investing in modern, sophisticated tools and equipment. Only then can they be ahead of their competitors and impress their clients. There are different types of equipment and tools available in the market that is electronically operated. The high-end ones are also designed to be sophisticated and come with diverse interesting features. 

Precautions when using the mixer

One such tool that may require in your industry is the Paddle Mixer. Besides looking at the salient features, you are also to be aware of the precautions while using it. Safe operations are desired at all times to avoid unwanted issues and accidents. A few precautions are given below for users to follow:

  • It will be necessary to set the tool in flat position. Its rear and front axles are to be cushioned using a square wood. This helps elevate its tires to prevent the tool from moving while operating. 
  • It needs to be implemented by undertaking secondary leakage protection. On switching on the power before starting work, the mixer is to be thoroughly inspected. It should be used once the empty vehicle is stated to be qualified. 
  • Check if mixing drum speed is appropriate or not while carrying out the trial run. Empty car speed, usually, is much higher when compared to heavy car on loading the same. 
  • In case difference is larger with 2-3 turns faster, then driving and ratio of driving wheel needs proper adjustment. This will be a necessity for Refurbished Food Machinery.
  • The mixing drum’s rotation direction is to be in the direction as indicated by an arrow. In case not true, then correction will be required for motor wiring. 
  • Check if brake and transmission clutch is reliable and flexible. Also evaluate wire rope and track pulley. Both should be free from damage and in good working condition. Lucrative different parts to remove unwanted obstruction and friction. 
  • On starting the mixer, pay close attention to the different parts and its normal operation. While shutting down, do check if mixer blades are bent and if screws are loose or knocked off. 
  • If the mixer is to stop for about an hour or so, then discharge all materials present in it. The barrel should be devoid of water. This will help prevent rusting of blades and the barrel. 
  • Moreover, accumulated dust outside the drum is to be thoroughly and regularly cleaned. This will ensure that the tool is intact, clean and in working condition always. 
  • Once the work of the mixer is finished, make sure to turn off the switch. This is something that you should not miss out. Do lock the switch box to ensure safety. 

Taking adequate precautionary measures

Whatever be the type of machines you plan to use, make sure to ensure thorough safety and maintain adequate precautionary measures. This way, users can be safe and the tool will last for a long time. It will also ensure smooth operations at all times. You will not face any obstacles or hindrances during the tool are functioning.

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