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Why Mowing Your Lawn Causes Yellowing

If you’re wondering why mowing your lawn causes your lawn to turn yellow, it’s probably because you’re cutting off too much grass. It’ll take several days for the yellowing to disappear, but it’s more likely to occur during late spring or early summer. Yellowing is caused by exposed parts of the grass plant, which may harbor disease and dry out quickly. A popular fungus that attacks lawns in late spring and early summer is “red thread.”

Cut grass at a consistent height

There are various factors to consider when mowing grass. Depending on the type, grass species, and time of year, some species grow differently and will need a different height for mowing. Regardless of your personal grass mowing preferences, it’s important to keep your lawn at a consistent height to prevent weeds from taking over and spread disease. Listed below are some general guidelines for grass cutting heights. Make sure to consult a professional to learn more about grass growth conditions.

Treat clippings with a pesticide

If you regularly treat grass clippings with a pesticide while mowing your lawn, you should consider composting the clippings as part of the organic waste stream. Unlike weedkillers, which persist in the soil for months, pesticides in grass clippings decompose much faster in a compost pile. For the best results, make sure that you mow your lawn two or three times before treating the grass clippings with a pesticide.

Avoid mowing in wet weather

Regular mowing of grass is beneficial for many reasons, including curb appeal and increased property value. However, mowing in wet weather poses several safety hazards. First of all, the mower’s wheels and shoes can compact the saturated soil, which can lead to ruts, damaging roots, and hindering healthy grass growth. In addition, pushing the mower over soggy lawns can cause compaction and erosion, and the chlorophyll stains that they leave behind can stain clothes and surfaces near the discharge port.

Encourage flowers to grow in your lawn

It’s easier to encourage flowers to grow in your lawn when grass morphs from green to brown. When you start mowing your lawn, leave a few patches of spent vegetation to regenerate. Then, gradually reduce your grass mowing frequency to encourage wildflowers. By doing this, you can reduce the amount of water your lawn requires while still encouraging them to grow. Moreover, you can encourage more flowers to grow in your lawn next year.

Maintain a regular mowing schedule

To ensure that your lawn is healthy and vibrant, maintain a regular mowing schedule for grass. While the average frequency is once a week, you can adjust this schedule based on your climate. If you live in a cool-season climate, you should mow your lawn more often than in a warm-season climate. The amount of rainfall during mowing should be taken into consideration as well. If the grass is wet when you mow, you may risk damaging your mower or causing bare spots on your lawn.

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