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What Are The Different Types Of Autism And To Cure With Them?

It refers to a serious neurodevelopmental disorder that decreases the ability to interact and communicate. 

You may now ask: what is autism spectrum disorder

Autism also called “Autism Spectrum Disorder” impacts the whole nervous system. It can affect the overall emotional, cognitive, social, and physical health of the affected individual. 

If your child is living with this disorder then it is important for you to understand the different types of autism and their symptoms. 

It will help you to have a better understanding of your child. You can cope with the unique challenges presented by each type of autism. 

Do you know that there are a number of celebrities who have spoken out to the public about having Autism syndrome?  Guess who? 

  • ⦿ David Byrne
  • ⦿ Dan Aykroyd
  • ⦿ James Taylor
  • ⦿ Andy Warhol
  • ⦿ Greta Thunberg
  • ⦿ And many more!

So, when they come out to the public, why are you wrapped up with social taboo. Don’t be scared. Being diagnosed with a type of autism does not change you from inside or out. 

What Are The Different Types Of AUTISM And Their Symptoms?? 

Here, I am presenting 5 main types of Autism. Scroll down….. 

  1. Asperger’s Syndrome

According to “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders’ ‘ 5th edition – The term Asperger’s syndrome was used before 2013. But, now it has been included in ASD. 

Children with Asperger’s syndrome can communicate with other children in school but they have difficulty with social connectivity. Basically, they don’t like to communicate with others. Their behavior and thinking patterns may be inflexible. 


  1. They spend a lot of time talking and thinking about certain topics and generally, they want to do one activity rather than a number of activities. 
  1. In terms of communication, their body language, facial expression, sarcasm, gestures, and way of talking are different. 
  1. They have fewer facial expressions than others. 
  1. Difficulty controlling their emotions. It’s really very tough to control them during violence and feeling down. In fact, they can lead to self-harm.
  2. Rett Syndrome

It affects 1 in every 10,000 women. It rarely affects men. 6 to 18 months aged children are considered to be diagnosed when they begin to fail mental development. 

The neuro experts believe that Rett Syndrome is part of the disease spectrum caused by mutation gene (MECP2). In which there is duplication of the MECP2 gene on the X chromosome. 


  1. ⦿ Reduced muscle tone.
  1. ⦿ Hands lose their functionality.
  1. ⦿ Speech Breakage.
  1. ⦿ Involuntary hand movements.
  1. ⦿ Loss of mobility.
  1. ⦿ Smaller head size (Microcephaly).
  1. ⦿ Breathing hassle.
  1. ⦿ Sleeping issues.
  1. ⦿ Abnormal structure of the spine(scoliosis).
  1. ⦿ Epilepsy (Sudden and uncontrolled electrical disorder in the brain).
  1. CDD (childhood disintegrative disorder)

It is an unusual condition that was included in the ASD. CDD differs from person to person. Generally, it is seen after 3 years of age of children. 

Due to late-onset, the children will lose previous skills in verbal, social, and movement functions. Although, the exact reason for this syndrome is the argument.

Some experts believe that the cause is the lack of amyloid (one type of protein that helps to build the brain), it’s also called childhood dementia.

Moreover, no one can prove any logic behind this ASD syndrome.  


  1. After 2 or 3 years, you may notice changes such as social, communication, language, and emotional development gradually. 
  2. Children may face hallucinations ( hearing, seeing, or smelling something that is not present).
  3. Children may stop talking. 
  4. Their likes and dislikes can be changed. 
  5. The child may lose some activities such as :
  • Playing.
  • Expressive language skills.
  • Control of the bowels or bladder.
  • Responsive language skills.
  • Self-care abilities.
  • Social communication.

      4. Kanner’s Syndrome

It is considered a classic autistic disorder.  It was discovered by psychiatrist Leo Kanner of John Hopkins University in the year 1943. 

He characterized it as infantile autism. 

The doctor describes that the children who suffered from Kanner’s Syndrome may look attractive, intelligent, and alert

But, there are underlying disorders symbols such as –

  1. They can not be emotionally attached to others. 
  2. Uninhibited speech.
  3. Communication difficulties.
  4. Impersonal difficulties.
  5. They may be obsessed with handling objects. 
  6. They have a high degree of rote memory. 
  7.  Visuospatial skills.

     5. Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD-NOS)

When a kid suffers from behavioral and learning difficulties but does not fulfill the diagnostic criteria for a specific category of autism.  Then the doctor considered it to be PDD-NOS. 

What are the symptoms?

  1. Different social behaviors.
  2. Irregular development of sensory, motor, cognitive, academic, social, visual-spatial organizational. 
  3. Communication issue.
  4. Speech breakage and underdeveloped language skills.
  5. Repetitive actions such as standing and sitting in the place repeatedly. 
  6. Abnormal sensitivity to smell, sound, taste, touch, and sight. 

How To Deal With Them? 

Hence, for Autism there is no such treatment to recover the children completely. 

But, if you learn such therapies, you can politely deal with them. It will help you to make a strong bond with your child. Keep reading….

  • Educational therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Medications
  • Other therapies

Now you may ask what is adhd? If you want to check out our website. 

Conclusion: Keep Patience 

He or she is your child, keep patience to deal with them. 

Don’t give up trying to cure them. Your love, affection, and attention can give them the best treatment. 

If you want to know more, you can connect with us through e-mail.  Our experts can retouch with you!

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