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How Take Care of Your Wallet

A wallet is something that is used to carry small but important items such as money, credit cards, visiting cards, and even pictures of our loved ones.  Because we use it for many purposes throughout our day, taking care of our wallets is extremely important.

The first step is to organize

In order to use your wallet for a long time, it is important that you organize it properly. When your wallet is too heavy, not only will it be hard to use and carry but also it will get damaged very soon. To reduce the heaviness or bulkiness you have to first take all of the materials out of the wallet and arrange them on a table.

Then the next step would be to take out the unwanted materials such as old credit cards and receipts. Afterward, think about the items you would need to use on a daily basis such as the identity card, credit cards, and cash, and include them in the wallet in a proper manner. For example, instead of putting the cash and coins in the same compartment, you can add the coins into a separate one. You can also try and limit the number of credit and debit cards in order to make them less bulky.

Next step is to clean

Before you include the essential items in the wallet you can also take measures to clean it. The steps taken to clean the wallet may depend on the material from which the wallet is made. If the wallet is made up of nylon, you can mix a little amount of laundry mild detergent with warm water dip a piece of cloth in the mixture, and wipe the surface of the empty wallet.

Let it dry but not under direct sunlight as drying the wallet under direct sunlight might affect the color of the nylon cloth. Leather wallets should also be cleaned by using a damp cloth to first moisten the outer surface and adding a little bit of leather cleaner afterward.

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What else can we do?

Instead of leather cleaner, mild soap or baby soap can also be used. Special attention should be given to cleaning the wallet gently without rubbing it too much as that might damage the wallet. Gently rubbing the purse in a circular motion with a brush can be done to remove tough stains. Do not immerse the whole wallet under water when rinsing and these types of wallets should also not be kept under direct sunlight when drying.

Even though wallets are used by both genders and there are significant differences, the process of cleaning leather wallets for women and men is similar. The same method can be used to clean the inside of your wallets as well. There are other tricks that could be used when cleaning leather wallets such as using a solution of ground coffee and water.

Let’s make sure to safeguard it

 A skin spray can be used to save your wallet from pollution as it will protect your wallet from moisture, sweat, and dust. While cleaning your wallet is important, it is equally important to save it from pollution.

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