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What Are Automatic Pool Covers, How Do They Work, And What Other Information

You probably already know that maintaining a swimming pool in your backyard is much labor, including installing an automated pool cover to keep things hidden. However, how can you tell if an automatic pool cover is the best option for you or your pool? By reading on, you can learn more about the functionality and advantages of automated pool covers.

Automatic Pool Covers Automatically Cover Your Pool

Yes, we are pointing out the obvious, but few pool owners are aware of the multitude of additional advantages they receive in addition to that one obvious advantage. You don’t have to worry since your pool will automatically cover it. Due to the inconvenience of having to roll your pool cover out and back in after every swim, you may not know how frequently you do so.

How Auto Pool Covers Operate

Although automatic pool covers may not be the best option for everyone, many pool owners find them the best option. You may reduce the amount of cleaning required by your pool by using a decent safety cover to keep debris out. However, you can choose between fabric-based, hand-cranked, manual, and automated pool covers.

Consider an automatic cover if you don’t want to deal with manually cranking a manual cover. Here is a brief explanation of how automatic pool covers function.

  • Anatomy

An automatic pool cover’s leading edge has a tube attached to it. Parallel rails will run down both sides, and that side will align with one of the pool’s sides. When you open or close the lid, the tracks will spin in the proper direction to open or close the pool.

Different pool cover designs are available for various pool sizes and shapes, while the majority are created for inground pools. So if you have an above-ground pool, we advise using a manual cover.

  • Going to mount

An automated pool cover is available that installs within the pool’s edge. If you don’t want the cover too noticeable, that might be a decent choice. The lid will rest slightly over the water when you seal the pool.

On the pool deck, you may also place an automated pool cover. The pool deck is a nice location for the cover if you don’t want it too close to the water. The water will still be covered, but it may go beyond the sides of your pool. In-deck track systems are another option for concealing the retractable cover.

  • Mechanisms

One of two different types of mechanisms power automatic pool coverings. One choice is to use power and remote control to open and close the pool.

However, you may get an automatic pool cover with a hydraulic system if you frequently have power outages or don’t want to worry about depending on energy. The lid will be moved by the system using liquid fluid power.

Why You Should Use an Automatic Pool Cover

You may cover your pool more frequently and gain all these advantages with an automated cover.

  • Greater Safety

Although they offer an additional layer of safety, automated covers cannot guarantee safety concerns won’t arise. You have that extra layer of protection when the cover is in place.

  • Keep the pool warmer.

More heat is retained in the pool while the cover is on. Therefore, the water will be more comfortable to swim in when it warms up.

  • Remove more trash from the pool.

Since there won’t be as much debris falling into the pool, how about the fact that you won’t need to clean it as frequently? Additionally, you won’t need to often deal with filter and trap cleaning.

  • Minimize Vaporization

When the pool cover is off, you’d be shocked at how much water is lost through evaporation.


Automatic pool covers are a great way to keep your pool clean and free of debris, while also adding an extra layer of safety to your swimming pool. Not only do they protect the deck and steps from becoming damaged by leaves and other objects that might fall into the pool, but they also help to reduce mosquito populations. If you’re looking for a way to improve the look and functionality of your swimming pool, automatic pool covers are a good option to consider.



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