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Gate Valves: All You Need To Know

A water system supply is one of the essential needs of any household or establishment. 74% of the world’s population uses it daily, yet only a few know its mechanics. It would be helpful to know even just a bit of the part of this system the world is highly dependent on. 

One of the significant parts of a water system supply is the water valve. This part has different types, with gate valves most commonly used. With that, you will be oriented today on the fundamental properties of these valves and more.

What Is A Water Valve?

Before anything else, it is crucial to know the very root definition of the gate valve first, which is the water valve.

To lower the pressure of your water flow or increase its volume, you must manipulate the water valve. This is the one that helps you control your desired amount of water flow.

What Are The Types Of Water Valves?

As mentioned earlier, water valves have many types, but the most commonly used are gate, globe, pinch, diaphragm, and needle valves. In this system field, debates would often be globe valve vs gate valve

What’s the difference between the two? There are three main differences: pressure drop, resistance flow, and affordability. Globe valves have higher pressure drop and resistance flow but are more expensive, while gate valves have lower pressure drops and resistance flow but are more affordable. This is why plumbers and other professionals favor gate valves.

What Is A Gate Valve, And How Does It Work?

Gate valves are the standard unbent valves in water pipelines, both above and underground. Hence, it is commonly used for water flow that has a straight-line direction. It is called a gate valve because inside it is a gate that can be lifted entirely to control the flow of water by rotating the big circular handle on the outer part of the valve.

Remember, it says “completely.” This is because gate valves don’t work efficiently if you only open or close them partially. 

What Are Its Advantages And Disadvantages?

The advantages of gate valves are that they are more versatile and affordable, which means that they have a lower cost in manufacturing and maintenance. The procedure on how to use it is also easier compared to the other types, not to mention you can have sufficient control of the water flow using a gate valve. Gate valves also have fire-safe properties since they can withstand high-pressure and high-temperature environments. The disadvantage, however, is it is more prone to leakages when used constantly, and if it isn’t often used, the handle on top over time would be harder to twist and become unusable. In addition to that, you have to turn the valve multiple times to lift the gate completely.

What Are Its Uses?

In the world of plumbing, gate valves provide reasonable water flow control and minimal water pressure loss compared to the other types. Hence, they have general uses, most commonly being the main valve of a residential water supply. However, their uses don’t just stop with water plumbing.

Gate valves are also used for oil and intercity gas transmission pipelines. They are even used in injection molding, like in your local medical plastic injection molding supplier. They work by controlling the movement of plastic molds in the factory. 

Speaking of factories, they also function for automotive and mechanical uses. Who knows, maybe your trusted car parts supplier uses gate valves, too, to achieve the local demands for car engines. 

How Significant Are Gate Valves?

You always look for quicker ways to solve a problem in a busy industry. Gate valves help the overall functionality of that industry because it is less complicated to use. This means that the wholesale juice bottle suppliers can produce more customizable bottles in a day, or water and plant treatment can be processed at a faster pace if they will use this type of valve. 

Aside from being a quicker solution, the general uses of these valves and their constant supply make them obtainable and affordable. This allows for a lot of people to acquire them easily. If you have leaking problems in your resident plumbing, there is a greater chance that you will solve it quickly if you look for gate-type valves to replace them. This happens when you don’t have the financial stability to afford the other types of valves.

Gate valves are more significant than their counterparts due to their accessibility and versatility.

Allowing yourself to learn these things means stepping your capability up in choosing the suitable material and the best quality for your home or business. Thus, you must accustom yourself to this knowledge to lessen your residential and financial problems always. 



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