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Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles of Birthday Cake

Delicate and chewy Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies will carry bunches of tomfoolery and pleasantness to any festival. They’re easy to make with all the kinds of exemplary yellow birthday cakes!

Hi! It’s been some time since I’ve posted here, and that is because I’ve been on an extraordinary venture with my companions at Food Network. More on that soon, yet at present, I might want to share a fun and straightforward little treat recipe that I can’t quit eating! These Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies are wealthy and affluent, with an additional portion of vanilla and many blissful confetti sprinkles. Save a 30% discount on your purchase using Cheryl’s Cookies Coupon Code.

The scratch-made medicine rushes to design and has a tiny proportion of prepackaged dry cake blend in the player for that unquestionable birthday cake flavor. The pre-arranged combination isn’t tacky and can undoubtedly be distributed with a bit of a treat scoop (I utilize a tablespoon-size spoon) and moved in a ball between your palms.

I softly plunged the highest points of every batter ball in confetti sprinkles, and as the treats were prepared, the mists spread out and beautified the highest points of the goodies. This progression is discretionary yet gives a pretty, bread shop-made outcome.

This year, I’m fixated on birthday-themed desserts since Sprinkle Bakes turns ten years of age in September! I’ve proactively arranged an exceptional festival and tested a wide range of sprinkled dessert recipes. I can hardly stand by!

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles of Birthday Cake

If you need a simple substitute for birthday cake, these treats could be only the ticket! Also, because these are so natural to make and the recipe yields around 30 festive-looking treats, I could see these being a success at heat deals.

These treats can likewise be sandwiched with many American Buttercream for a better interpretation of Birthday Cake Cookies!

Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles of Birthday Cake

Heather BairdThese soft and chewy Birthday Cake Sugar Cookies will bring a lot of fun to any celebration. They’re easy to make with all the kinds of exemplary yellow birthday cakes!

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  • PREP TIME15 mins
  • COOK TIME11 mins
  • Absolute TIME26 mins
  • COURSE Dessert
  • CUISINE American


  • US CustomaryMetric
  • 1x2x3x
  • 2 cups 240g regular flour
  • Three tablespoons prepackaged dry yellow cake blend
  • 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, fine grain
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder
  • 3/4 cup 1 cup 226g unsalted spread, at room temperature 130g powdered sugar
  • 2/3 cup 135g granulated sugar
  • One egg
  • Two teaspoons of vanilla concentrate
  • 1/2 cup pastel confetti sprinkles


Preheat stove to 350°F. Line two huge baking sheets with material paper.

Whisk the flour, cake blend, salt, baking pop, and powdered sugar in a vast blending bowl.

In the bowl of an electric blender fitted with the oar connection, cream together the margarine and granulated sugar. Combine the egg and vanilla extract in a mixing bowl. Add the flour combination and blend on low speed until recently joined—overlap in 1/2 cup of confetti sprinkles.

Utilize a tablespoon or a tablespoon-sized treat scoop to divide the mixture into around 30 balls, putting everyone on the pre-arranged material-lined skillet. Roll each ball between your palms to make them uniform. Plunge the highest points of each ball into confetti sprinkles whenever wanted. Please get back to arranged material lined baking sheets, dispersing them around 2-inches separated.

Prepare treats for 11 minutes or until the goodies to start to brown on the bottoms. Permit treats to cool on the container until sufficiently firm to move to a wire rack.

Permit treats to cool before serving.


These can be sandwiched with straightforward confectioners’ Buttercream to interpret birthday cake treats better! See the blog entry for a connection to my #1 American Buttercream recipe.

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