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Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Which One is Suitable for eCommerce Web Development?

When creating an eCommerce website, you can step into a puzzling situation because of the large number of eCommerce platforms available in the market. Shopify is one of the top eCommerce platforms that offer extensive benefits and features. However, businesses often get stuck with the Shopify vs. Shopify Plus dilemma, making it difficult for them to choose the right option to build their eCommerce stores. 

Undoubtedly, Shopify development services are an excellent choice for creating a robust eCommerce website for your business. If you are also confused between Shopify vs. Shopify Plus, this is the right place to get rid of the puzzle. This blog will provide a comparison to help you choose the right option for your eCommerce development project. Tune in to select the best choice. 

Liquid for theme customization

One major difference between Shopify vs. Shopify Plus is the level of customization you can achieve with your website theme. The standard Shopify plan enables you to customize your website theme using the editor, and it’s also difficult to switch to a new theme. 

In contrast, Shopify Plus gives more control over customization by providing access to the theme language, Liquid. Indeed, you can take advantage of the language to customize a website theme beyond your expectation and create an incredibly unique appearance for your eCommerce website. 

With the Liquid language, you can modify the backend at the code level giving greater control to build your theme. With the right Shopify web development partner, you can create a top-notch website theme. Customization is a crucial factor to help you decide on what is good for your eCommerce project between Shopify vs Shopify Plus

More API integrations

APIs facilitate integrations with third-party apps on a website. Shopify Plus is equipped with better API resources such as Multipass, User, and GiftCard enabling users to get the complete benefit of third-party apps. If you want to know, Multipass login is for redirecting website visitors to Shopify, GiftCard is another payment option, and User enables you to edit, remove, add, or retrieve information regarding staff accounts. 

Moreover, the standard Shopify plan has limitations when it comes to third-party app integration. However, Shopify Plus offers greater control in this aspect. Hence, you can integrate custom Shopify apps and even create your own with the help of a reliable Shopify development company. 

Integrate with existing platforms

Another good advantage of going with Shopify Plus for your eCommerce web development project is the integration with several existing platforms. For high growth and complex businesses, it is beneficial to integrate with existing platforms. With the Shopify’s API, it is pretty much possible to integrate with various platforms like:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • PIM (Product Information Management)
  • IMS or OMS (Inventory and Order Management)
  • 3PL (Third-party Logistics)
  • Global fulfillment partners
  • Warehouse Management Software (WML)

Single dashboard to manage multiple stores

Managing your eCommerce stores, accounts, permissions, and other website aspects is a bit cumbersome with the standard Shopify plan due to individual dashboards for each activity. However, Shopify Plus allows you to manage all your staff accounts, stores, automation tools, analytics, and user permissions in a single place with a unified dashboard. 

The dashboard offers an overview of your business, improves automation, and promotes teamwork. Hence, the dashboard provides a check on various functionalities of your eCommerce store from one place. 

Shopify vs Shopify Plus: Verdict

In the above points, we have talked about the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus. There are numerous benefits of Shopify, and it is suitable for startups, small, medium, and large businesses. However, enterprises with huge sales volumes require a more significant investment plan where Shopify Plus becomes the best hope. Shopify Plus not only brings all the benefits of standard Shopify but also provides additional benefits. Hence, depending on your requirements and business size, you can choose either of the plans for the best Shopify development services. You can develop a perfect eCommerce website by selecting a suitable plan. 

Final note

If you want to create an eCommerce website, Shopify is definitely an excellent choice to start your online store. It offers lots of benefits and excellent features. However, while Shopify is a go-to platform, the various plans it offers make it difficult for businesses to settle on the best option. The dilemma of Shopify vs. Shopify Plus is an example. You can hire Shopify web developer to create the right website based on your needs. 

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