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How Can I Keep My Orbi Safe?

Do you own an Orbi? Looking to protect it from WiFi leeches and other threats? Well, from changing the password of your Orbi to creating a guest network, the tips listed in the article will help you keep your Orbi safe from potential threats.

Here are the tips you need to try for enhancing the security of your Orbi. Let’s check them out.

5 Common Tips to Keep Your Orbi Secure

Change the Default Credentials

Setting up an Orbi is super easy with the use of default login details. But, if the default login details have not yet been changed by you, it means your Orbi is at risk. The moment you complete the configuration process of your Orbi, we suggest you change its login details by accessing the orbilogin web address.

While changing the login details, however, keep in mind to set a unique and strong password for your Orbi. For this, you can add special characters, numbers, and alphabets to your password. Once done with making the necessary changes to Orbi credentials, log out of your Orbi and try to access the dashboard of your Orbi using the changed details. This will ensure that whether the changes made by you to your device have been properly implemented or not.

Download Orbi App from Trusted Source

If you want to operate and manage your Orbi using the app, we suggest you download the Orbi app only from a trusted source. For your information, the app is available on both App Store and Google Play Store. So, you can get it from the one that is compatible with the OS of your device. Also, before accepting the terms and conditions of the app, consider reading them to see exactly what features of your phone will be accessed by the app if you use it.

Keep the Firmware Always Updated

Another trick that can be of great help when it comes to securing an Orbi is to update the firmware of the Orbi device, whenever available.

Firmware updates bring certain bug fixes along with security improvements to your device. Therefore, secure your device from various threats. While updating the firmware, however, make sure you get it as per the model number of your Orbi. A wrong firmware version – if updated – can make your device non-performing forever.

Set Parental Controls

Orbi allows its users to keep an eye on their kids’ online activities by enabling smart parental control. So, if you have not yet ticked the feature, it is recommended that you do it now. This way you can not only manage the internet timings of your kids but also keep your kids protected from potential threats.

To make you aware, by setting up the feature you can also build healthy internet habits among your family members.

Create Guest Network Account

Sharing your Orbi login details with every other person visiting your home can also be problematic. For ridding yourself of the same issue, you can create a guest network account on your Orbi.

This way, when your guests ask for sharing your WiFi password, you never have to compromise the privacy of your admin login details. For creating the guest network account, you can access the dashboard of your Orbi using the default login details.


If your Orbi has fallen victim to certain flaws and you are unable to get the most out of your device, we suggest you opt for the Orbi factory reset process. This will set your Orbi back to the default settings. Once done with reset, you need to again configure the device and keep all the above security measures in check.

Pro tip! If your Orbi is not in use, we suggest you set the power button of the device to the off position. This way your Orbi will get time to revive its performance, just in case any flaw is there.

In a Nutshell

Here ends our guide on how to protect an Orbi from various threats. We hope that after following the points given above, your Orbi using experience will be taken to a whole new level. Let us know in the comments how did you find our post on securing an Orbi device.