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Share Online Educational Courses on TV without Need to Spend Tens of Thousands of Euro with OTT Platform

Online technology has evolved so much during the pandemic that tutors & educators rely on desktop & mobile-compatible video hosting solutions to broadcast their content to paying students across the globe. 

Students who are studying online want a good & simple experience like Netflix. They just want to start and watch the videos on mobile phones and can transfer the video hassle-free on TV with a single swipe. 

Content creators & online educators who rely on hosting solutions need to develop OTT app software in Europe that can offer those features that the viewers demand for the optimized viewing experience. 

The OTT services are becoming valuable assets that content creators can invest in. 

What is Over-the-Top Media Service?

OTT or over-the-top refers to the latest services of broadcasting the video content over the internet while bypassing the traditional distribution network. 

OTT apps indicate the user experience, which is pretty similar to that of an on-demand TV network channel like Video On Demand (VOD). 

Disney+, NetFlix, and Apple TV are a few of the biggest names in this industry. But there is a formidable presence of many small players that slowly taking up the market share of the OTT industry. You can also get added to the list with some OTT app development in Europe to challenge others.

The Rise of Online Courses 

With the latest advancement and top-notch features provided by the OTT apps, the growth of the industry is the most evident in the online education world. 

The teaching & coaching services are expeditiously migrating to OTT video platforms, so that they can easily take the advantage of those features that the OTT technologies offer. 

The education content for the specific group is one of the most in-demand types of content in today’s world. 

  • According to experts, the e-learning market will be worth $330 billion by 2025.

Users aged between 18-and 35 use OTT apps like Netflix, 

  • Hulu, Prime, and some others are two times more than YouTube.
  • The market for E-learning may increase by 38 billion dollars by 2024.
  • With E-learning, US companies have seen a significant increase of 42% in income. 

Whether it’s learning how to bake cakes or analyze the big corporate data, viewers are increasingly turning towards educational content to develop the skills and live a better life with the OTT apps. 

A Good Education App must have its Send-to-TV Button

If you are a content creator who specializes in online education, then there is a need for a good video platform that allows the users to provide an experience they came to expect from other streaming channels. 

Most importantly, there is no need to sign a synchronization deal with a television network to do this. You can host your videos on a suitable streaming platform. 

By choosing the right OTT app development in Europe you can enable the native screen share to TV functionality for the viewers with a single click. 

That means the viewers can easily open the OTT app on their phone by choosing the video they want to stream and can immediately broadcast it to TV in a couple of seconds. 

The process of pushing the video from a phone, laptop, or desktop to a TV can be complicated with the OTT functionality. 

The mobile user must have to rely on their phone’s Share to Screen functionality. However, if the phone doesn’t have that feature, then they have to stop the video, turn on their Smart TV, browse the website where your content is hosted, find the appropriate video, and then play-head to the moment they left off. The process can a daunting for most users, which impacts the users’ experience. 

While on the other hand, the desktop user has to unplug the computer from the regular place and then find a spot for it near the television. After that, they have to insert the appropriate cable to connect it from one to the other while making sure that the computer is powered on and has enough battery to last the duration of the content. 

Most streaming networks have taught the viewers that must be able to stream their favorite content from one device to another with a single click and hassle-free.

OTT apps vs. Share your Screen Functionality – Key Differences

Reaching to your viewer’s devices adds a great value proposition, but until now, it was expensive and difficult to implement. 

Most of the small-scale content creators relied on Share Your Screen functionality, as most the new mobile phone has. It offers a fast and inelegant way of broadcasting the content directly to the TV with the same Wi-Fi network. 

But, being honest, one of the great benefits of implementing the OTT video platform is to broadcast the content on different screens. 

A major difference between Share Your Screen functionality and native TV compatibility is significant, some of these are:

  • Viewers can’t use the phone for other purposes as the mobile phone turns into an interactive remote. 
  • The Share Your Screen functionality works only with a specific set of mobile phone models. 
  • Only share the content on TV when the battery is sufficiently charged. 
  • Not all content will be displayed correctly on all TV screens as the functionality run on a rudimentary formatting engine and cannot guarantee high-quality visuals. 

Enveu – A Centralized Digital Asset for Online Educators 

Building an online streaming app is not easy until you have the right OTT app software in Europe. Enveu is an all-in-one video hosting platform that lets the users broadcast the content on 12 different platforms that they own. 

Enable the users to stream the content on different devices by making Enveu your video streaming platform. Start building a NetFlix-like library for your educational content and offer the users a great experience that they never had on other streaming platforms. 

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