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Which Are The Best Air Purifying Plants?

Nowadays, with the increase in pollution levels, all of us are trying to seek ways to purify the air around us so that we can breathe in the fresh and purified air. But unfortunately, with modernized furnishings, synthetic building materials, and other toxic items, the air around us is getting polluted. So in such cases, you should opt for the best air-purifying plants.

Especially if you have indoor plants in your home, they can filter the air you breathe to a great extent. Moreover, purifying the air through them is a natural, cost-effective, and therapeutic process. So let us now share with you some of the popular air-purifying plants.

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One of the major effects of breathing in polluted air is falling prey to health issues like asthma or breathing problems. Also, these air-purifying plants are mainly low-maintenance indoor plants that do not need much care to survive. These plants help in sucking the pollutants from carpets, glues, ovens, cleaning solutions, and other synthetic materials. Here are some of them:

Spider Plants

Spider plants are great at purifying the pollutants and grow pretty quickly into a bush when we talk about air-purifying plants. They look amazing in hanging baskets, especially in your workplace. Sometimes they also have lovely white blossoms. Also, there are 200 species of spider plants, and you can safely have them in your house as they are non-toxic.


One of the most common types of air-purifying indoor plants is dracaenas. They come in a large group of houseplants in all shapes, sizes, and colors. So choose from the tall corn plant with interesting markings or the rainbow plants in bright purple color. All you need to do is keep the soil damp but not soggy. However, make sure your pets do not eat this plant as it can be toxic for them.

Golden Pothos

We also refer to this plant as devil’s ivy. Moreover, this plant may be as close as plants can get to indestructible. In fact, it flourishes in various conditions and can grow up to 8 feet long. People often consider it one of the most effective indoor air purifiers for removing common toxins. So why not get one for your home or workplace?

Areca Palms

This small plant from Madagascar is easier if you grow it in your garden or any other place outside. In addition, if you have a space with bright filtered light, its gracefully arching leaves will make a pretty addition to your room. First, however, ensure you provide it with plenty of water during its growth; it needs less water in the winter season.

You need not worry as they are non-toxic to both cats and dogs. Therefore, having these plants will eliminate benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and more. You can indeed purchase one for your home!


Many of you might not be aware; however, these plants are ranked highest for air purification. So buy a fresh pot as this flower blooms for about six weeks. Then, however, you can fertilize the pot again in the spring.

You have to remember that in order to purify the air around, the flowers need to bloom. So if you do not want to wait, you can just go ahead and buy a new one. You have to check the soil’s moisture every other day and make sure it is damp.

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen might not be a popular name to most of you; however, it is a plant that thrives in low to medium light. Generally, it grows up to 1 or 2 feet. Even though it helps maintain healthy air quality at your home, it can be toxic for pets, so be careful.

Rubber Tree

Rubber trees have been popular for purifying the air of harmful air pollutants. They absorb and break down harmful chemicals in the air. Moreover, their large, glossy leaves also absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale and convert it to oxygen. So grow them in well-drained potting soil, water them regularly and apply liquid fertilizer when actively growing.

Ending Note

So as we conclude, we can say that nowadays, with the increase in pollution levels, we need plants that can purify the air around us to breathe in pure oxygen. Therefore, these plants are specialized in purifying the air near them. So go ahead and pick a few of them.

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