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SEO editorial plan: what is an SEO PED

In order to better plan the publication of your content on various digital media, such as company website, blog, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, the creation of a digital editorial plan or PED is essential: thanks to this useful tool, it is they can reach their marketing goals more easily and quickly.

What is a digital publishing plan?

The PED is, to all intents and purposes, a document : it allows you to plan the contents to be published online, in order to achieve a certain goal. The digital publishing plan, therefore, turns out to be an important marketing tool that can prove to be decisive for the success of the company. It should always be remembered that the set objectives will be achieved over time, with patience and determination: getting everything immediately seems the most tempting way, but it leads to an ephemeral result and, therefore, useless for the growth of the brand.

Planning the publication of contents, then, not only favors a constant and safe development of the business, but also allows you to keep all the communication channels of the activity under control: the PED, in fact, favors a central control system, through which every communication medium can be adapted to the company’s marketing strategy. The digital publishing plan is therefore a decisive tool for the success of the brand: but what are the key steps to plan a good PED?

How to create a PED

To ensure that the digital publishing plan brings the desired benefits, it is not enough to establish the timing of content publication. It is in fact necessary to follow some basic steps:

  • Know your brand : the contents that are published must absolutely take into account the characteristics of the company. This, which may appear to be a simple and obvious step, turns out to be anything but trivial: in fact, we need to ask ourselves what are the strengths of the brand, its identity, the image that users have of it, the products and services that consumers prefer, as well as weaknesses and aspects that can be improved;
  • Target audience: once all the characteristics of the company have been examined in detail, it is then necessary to carefully select the target audience, studying their characteristics and preferences in depth. Having a target audience allows both to build content more easily and to know the progress of your online marketing campaign;
  • Study of competitors : another decisive aspect for the creation of a successful PED is to accurately know one’s opponents, i.e. the brands that operate in the same sector as your company. This step allows you to know what kind of communication the public is receiving, so that they can adapt or adapt, or, better still, differentiate, resulting original and innovative.

Content planning, perhaps even through the creation of a real calendar, must therefore meet the careful and meticulous study of the three factors that are at play within a marketing campaign: one’s brand, competitors and the public. To these aspects must be added the intelligent creation of contents , which must be creative and captivating.

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Do you want to receive qualified traffic from Google and increase visibility and conversions?

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