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7 Tips for Beginner’s Guide to Motion Graphics

In the present era of today, videos are everywhere. They are the most demanding strategies in the field of marketing nowadays. Marketers use videos to promote their brands and advertise their products and services. Videos are famous for their appealing nature. They are captivating to humans and capture their attention. People watch motion graphics videos with great interest and hook their eyes to the screen. Videos are modern marketing methods that have gained immense popularity and demand in the corporate industry. It is surpassing the traditional marketing tactics and revolutionizing the way of marketing.

Customers have no time to read long-form blogs. They think it boring to read text-based content and tend to lose interest. Videos are attractive means of retaining the interest and passion of visitors till the end. They are valuable sources of providing quality information in less possible time. Videos are ideal tactics for utilizing in various fields of profession. They entertain and educate viewers and deliver them a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. Videos serve a lot of purposes for businesses and individuals.

Motion graphics is the latest trend in the video animation industry. It brings dynamic innovation in videos to present them with style and elegance. Motion graphics is a combination of motion and graphics. It combines them both to show a vibrant and colorful display to the visitors.

Following are the seven incredible tips for a beginner’s guide to motion graphics:

#1 Begin with a Fresh Idea

Every video is built with an idea. An idea should be unique and distinctive to impact the readers. Businesses should think of a clear purpose before creating a motion graphics video. They should have a focus and goal to serve customers to the best. Companies must brainstorm and think out of the box to develop a brilliant idea that brings marvelous results. They should build a motion graphics video to educate, entertain, or inspire viewers to watch a video till the end. It must stimulate visitors to take immediate action and make an instant decision to buy.

#2 Outline the Concept

The next step is outlining the imaginative idea that you have in your mind. You have to put this idea on the blank paper. It is the right time to transform your imagination into practical reality before anyone else does it. You need to draw a rough sketch on the paper, whatever concept you think in your mind. Paper drawing is an initial step of shaping the imaginative vision and giving it a realistic design format. It lays down a clear foundation of video animation that proceeds with further refinement with the help of advanced designing tools.

#3 Write an Original Script

The script is a strong base of motion graphics video. Not any motion graphics video is built without creating an original storyline. A story should be compelling and captivating to grab the first glance attention of viewers. It should develop a keen interest in visitors to watch a complete video and understand the purpose of a story. Writers must compose a script draft by keeping in view the amount of word count. It should not exceed the limit of a video length. A lengthy script loses viewers’ interest, and they quit the video in the middle. It badly affects the visitors’ traffic and increases the bounce rate to reduce the click-through-rate and conversion. So, the script should be short of fulfilling the purpose of a video and delivering the right message to the audience.

#4 Visualize the Script with Storyboarding

Storyboarding is the best means of visualizing the script. It enhances the visualization of a writer and designer to add value and bring life to static text-based writing. Storyboarding is a dynamic process of breaking your script into multiple frames to create a streaming flow of the video. It adds the real-time effect of every frameset to define the purpose of a visual scene.

Storyboarding enlivens the script and describes the actionable movement of characters with their dialogues and screenplay. It makes visitors curious and engages them in a video to watch scene after scene to understand the story. Storyboarding involves the contribution of the scriptwriter and motion graphic design services to sit together and brainstorm the storyboarding ideas to add creativity and interactivity.

#5 Turn the Storyboard into an Actual Visual Motion Graphics Design

After getting done with the storyboarding concept. Now, it is the right time to convert imaginative ideas into a real-time motion graphics design. Designing is the detailed process of creating objects, shapes, layouts, and characters to bring them into real motion. It needs professional expertise to shape and design video elements. Designers should be well-versed in basic to advanced tools such as adobe photoshop, adobe after effect, and final cut pro. These are essential tools that are helpful in motion graphics video animation. They add a professional touch to the animation video and show a vibrant appeal to the viewers.

#6 Add Animation in a Visual Design

Animation is an excellent step to animate the static visual design layout and add dynamic motion to it. The purpose of the animation is to create a smooth transition in a video from one scene to another. It builds connections in scenes to create a seamless flow of the story to help engage the audience. Motion graphics animation uses 2d, 3d, and explainer video techniques to provide a broad sense of a video to the customers.

#7 Include Music, Sound Effects, and Voiceover

No motion graphics video looks good without adding colors, shades, music, special sound effects, and voiceover to it. These elements bring life to a video and create a powerful audience engagement. Timing is a crucial factor of video symmetry to cut long scenes and reduce the time frame to sustain the interest of visitors and retain their presence on the motion graphics video.


Hence, in a nutshell, these above-mentioned are helpful and valuable beginners’ guide tips to motion graphics video animation. The demand for motion graphics is rising in the animation industry and gaining popularity among all sizes of businesses worldwide.

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