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Put the Old dog Down ? Marketing for Small Business

Marketing has Taken a New Face in this Digitized world and Put the old Dog down. Which means Traditional Marketing is now Getting extinct from advertising world and Digital Marketing is coming into existence.

Internet and digital Devices has Provided an innovative and Modern technique of Marketing that is Digital Marketing. Within a very Short period of time it has Provided tremendous Growth and Result in Market that companies are diverging there Future Strategies towards Digital marketing. 

Lets Compare Which Marketing Strategy is for Small Business 

Come Lets start with Traditional Marketing 

Traditional Marketing 

It is the oldest Form of Marketing and that is the Reason it is know as Old Dog. Earlier before the invention of New innovative tools , advertisement of brand was done through traditional form of Marketing. Where Ads were Published in Newspaper and Banners to make people Aware about New Launch in market. But this require huge investment of Companies to make promotion of only One brand and that to limited within Particular Area. Companies were not getting Appropriate ROI as Expected and that become the Greatest reason for marketers to either shut down there business due to heavy loss or else Adopt some other Method to advertise Brand. 

There were no Such Technology to Modify Ad,  to Track record of Customers,  to make Direct Communication with customers or to make Product reach Global Audience. 

Small business were not able to Afford this type of Marketing and were left without doing anything. There all dreams got shattered.

Digital Marketing 

It is the Advance Marketing method where brands Are Promoted in online world with the use of Internet and Digital devices. It consist of Numerous Methods to promote brand in Market that are Search Engine Optimization,  Social Media  Marketing,  Email Marketing,  Mobile Marketing,  Affiliate Marketing and Pay per Click Ad. 

This marketing method is far more better as compared To Traditional. It consist of Huge Benefits and innovative Tools To help Marketers in Advertising Brand such as

  1. This method is Cost Effective. Where Any Marketer whether small or large Can make Use of this Method Without investing any Amount. 
  2. Digital marketing Creates Visibility Worldwide which Enables millions of People To look into your website and Purchase Products required To them.
  3. Here It is Possible For Companies to make modification of there Promotional Ad whenever Possible as per the need And Latest trend in market .
  4. It Consist of Advance Tool like Google Analytics where you can Track Record of How many Customers visited your website,  Which product is mostly buyed and Liked By people. 
  5. Digital Marketing Enables Users To Rank there Brand in Various Search engine like Google and Yahoo by adding Relevant keywords and Phrases in your Website content. So that users can find you easily By typing your website name in search Engine. 

Both the Marketing methods are Opposites of each other. But Digital Marketing is Mostly used by Every Organizations as It provide Unbelievable Result To the Companies. 

About The Author

Gaurav Digital is an Educator, digital marketing & branding expert having more than a decade experience in the digital marketing industry. Currently he heads Delhi Courses Academy which is best known as Top digital marketing Institute.

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