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Players are excited to use Bel’Veth for elo boosting

It’s been four years since a champion was released from the Realm of Nothingness. Now, the Empress of the Void herself will grace the fields of Runeterra.  

Runeterra is home to a dozen champions and eerie creatures of the Void, and now, the Empress of that dimension is coming to Summoner’s Rift herself. Bel’Veth enters the fields of battle as the latest champion available for every League of Legends account. The new Void character seeks to recreate Runeterra into her version, which she will call the Lavender Sea. 

Bel’Veth, The Empress of the Void 

Bel’Veth is a creature of the nightmarish Void created from raw material after the dimension ate a Shuriman port named Belveth. The Watchers designed her to be the leader of the Realm of Nothingness and bring the end of Runeterra herself. However, the emotions she absorbed during her creation allowed her to break free from the controls of her masters. She now seeks to consume both Runeterra and the Void to turn it into her preferred world known as the Lavender Sea. Players who own Bel’Veth in their LoL accounts can show the ultimate nightmarish power of the Void to their enemies.  

Bel’Veth Champion Spotlight 

The Empress of the Void is designed to be the newest jungle champion. She has the first character from the Realm of Nothingness to grace the fields of Runeterra in four years. The Void creature is a fighter who relies on auto-attacks as her primary source of damage while weaving her skills. The Empress loves to be in the thick of the fight as a hard-hitting skirmisher. Here are Bel’Veth’s abilities: 

Death in Lavender (Passive) – Bel’Veth gains additional attack speed for her subsequent two attacks after casting an ability. She also gains a permanent bonus attack speed whenever she takes down large monsters and champions, represented as Lavender stacks. While the Empress does not have a cap on her attack speed, her auto-attacks and on-hit damage has reduced power. She also does not gain any scaling attack speed from leveling up.  

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Void Surge (Q) – This ability allows Bel’Veth to dash in one of the four indicated directions. She damages all enemies she passes through during her dash and will apply on-hit effects. Each direction has its cooldown, and they scale with attack speed. 

Above and Below (W) – Bel’Veth damages enemies by slamming her tail on the ground, knocking up, and slowing opponents. Hitting enemies with this ability reduces the dash cooldown on Void Surge (Q) in the direction a champion is tagged.  

Royal Maelstrom (E) – Bel’Veth emits a storm aura that slashes everything around her and then focuses on the enemy with the lowest health. Damage increases depending on the amount of health they are missing. The Maelstrom also provides her with damage reduction and bonus life steal. The number of slashes also increases with her attack speed. 

Endless Banquet (R)Endless Banquet’s Passive: Bel’Veths second attack on the same target deals bonus True Damage, which scales infinitely. She also drops pieces of Void Coral every time she takes down an Epic Monster or a Champion. Monsters like the Rift Herald and Baron Nashor drop unique voldier Void Coral upon death.  

Endless Banquet’s Active: Bel’Veth causes an explosion upon consuming a piece of Void Coral that slows and deals True Damage to nearby enemies depending on their missing health. The Empress of the Void also transforms into her True Form upon consuming a piece. Acquiring a fragment of the Void Coral from Epic Void Monsters like Baron Nashor and the Rift Herald enables Bel’Veth to remain in her True Form. 

While in her True Form, Bel’Veth will spawn Voidlings from enemy minions that die in her presence. These Voidlings will march down and attack towers and opponents in the lane they are generated. 

True Form: While using her True Form, Bel’Veth gains increased health, bonus out-of-combat movement speed, extended attack range, and increased attack speed. She can also now use her Void Surge for dashing through walls and other terrains.  The Empress of the Void is set to dominate the jungle lane as soon as she is released. Many players are excited to use her for elo boosting in competitive matches. Bel’Veth will be available in the shop starting June 8. Make sure to grab her as soon as she goes live.



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