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Medical Marijuana For Insomnia

This article will discuss the advantages of medical cannabis card for insomnia. And also we will discuss Can You Get A Medical Card For Insomnia? If you’re interested in this alternative medicine, we will also discuss the legality and options for using it as a qualifying condition.

Is It Possible To Get A Medical Card For This Condition?

You may already be aware that you can’t get a medical card in Colorado without permission from a doctor. You must be able to legally use medical marijuana. This is due to state regulations. The condition is not eligible for a medical cannabis card for insomnia. But, this should not stop you from trying CBD. We’ll tell you why.

Our patients may experience insomnia every day for a variety of reasons. Many suffer from PTSD, which can make it difficult to sleep. Some people have had to undergo intense cancer treatments or are in extreme pain. You can get a card if your insomnia is related to any of the qualifying conditions for medical marijuana.

While you cannot get a medical marijuana card to treat insomnia, you must consider the root cause of the problem. The research behind medicinal marijuana for sleep is promising.

Some Good News: Insomnia Doesn’t Seem So Common

We want to let you know that you’re not alone. According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 30-40 percent of people will experience some form of insomnia in their lifetimes, while 10-15 percent will suffer from chronic insomnia. Researchers are now looking for new treatments to combat this rising number. This is where cannabis comes in.

Can Cannabis Be Used To Help You Sleep?

The answer to this question is complex, as with all things. We’ll try to cover this topic in detail so that you can determine if a medical cannabis card to aid in insomnia or other conditions is the right choice.

The Science Behind The Behind Marijuana Compounds

You may already be aware that marijuana contains two compounds. THC and CBD.CBD, a non-psychoactive compound, has many health benefits. CBD doesn’t make you feel “high”. THC is the most well-known compound for giving you that “high”, sensation. This compound is well-known for its psychoactive effects.

You Will Get Better Sleep If You Have Less REM Sleep

THC is the chemical responsible for causing sleep! A 2008 study found that consuming marijuana strains high in THC can reduce the amount of REM sleep a person can get. For those suffering from Trauma, less REM means fewer nightmares. Book an appointment to be evaluated by one of our doctors to determine if you are eligible for a medical marijuana card.

Why Marijuana Is A Better Quality Rest?

Relieves Haunting Nightmares

High THC content can help you sleep better after trauma. The REM sleep cycle is where dreams happen. High THC levels in cannabis have been shown to decrease.

This Means More “Deep Sleep”

We can conclude that you will spend more time in deep sleep because you are less likely to dream. Healthline says that deep sleep is the most restorative and restful stage of the sleep cycle.

Insomnia Among Chronic Pain Patients

Chronic pain sufferers are very familiar with insomnia. Chronic pain sufferers often have difficulty sleeping and getting good rest due to the intense pain they experience. The research on medical cannabis cards (especially when combined with insomnia), is encouraging.

A study found that cannabis helped insomniacs fall asleep and stay asleep for the entire night. If patients with chronic conditions had not developed tolerance to cannabis, they experienced the same benefits in this study.

Which Marijuana Strains Are Most Effective When You Have A Medical Cannabis Card?

Every strain of marijuana is different, so it’s important to learn how to properly use it for optimal sleep. It’s advisable to obtain medical marijuana for insomnia, but this will ultimately depend on the state you live in. Texas, for example, is one of the states with especially restrictive requirements, so it’s worth consulting specialized physicians who can orient you on how to get a medical marijuanas card in Texas.

Cbd Or Thc?

Another question that is frequently asked! Another common question! THC can increase the sedating effects of CBD, while CBD makes people more alert. As CBD can be helpful for those suffering from pain, this too can vary. It may be worthwhile to try CBD if you have chronic pain.

In Conclusion

Medical marijuana has a lot of promise when it comes to treating insomnia. Tolerance is a major factor. If your tolerance grows, medical marijuana may not work as well long-term. A medical marijuana card can improve your quality of sleep, while you look for other treatments. Book an appointment to receive a free, confidential evaluation by a qualified medical cannabis doctor.



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