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The Presence Of Countertops Brings With It A Triad Of Advantages

It’s possible that the majority of us homeowners out there have the misconception that real stone worktops are only seen in the homes of highly wealthy and well-known people. This is because genuine stone worktops may be rather expensive. If you believe this, you are wholly and entirely erroneous.

Installing natural stone in either your kitchen or bathroom will not only be a project that is favorable to your wallet but will also do wonders for the value of your property.

Quartz and granite are the two varieties of natural stone that are chosen the most frequently by homeowners for use as worktops in their kitchens and bathrooms, respectively, out of all of the possible options that are available to them. Quartz is the most common type of natural stone used for kitchen worktops, while granite is the most common type of natural stone used for Both are excellent alternatives, and in the next section of this article, we are going to discuss the top three advantages of utilizing any of these two natural stone materials for the worktops in your kitchen or bathroom.

Home Value

The increase in property value that occurs as a direct result of the installation of natural stone countertops in your home is the point that is most likely going to be emphasized the most as we move forward through this list. This is because installing natural stone countertops in your home directly leads to an increase in property value. Advertisements for houses and condominiums that are frequently featured extensively in real estate periodicals draw attention to the utilization of natural worktops in the kitchens of the homes and condominiums. This is because it has the effect of significantly increasing the value of your house or apartment. If the home you are renting has worktops made of actual stone, then the monthly rent payment that you are responsible for paying will be higher. This is the case even if you are renting a home. This is because genuine stone worktops are sold at a higher price than their counterfeit counterparts.


Granite and quartz are two of the materials that are now available. In addition to being two of the most aesthetically beautiful materials, they are also two of the most durable materials. For the stone to be suitable for usage in areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, it must first be chiseled into manageable chunks and then honed and polished. These materials are designed to last a lifetime and are capable of withstanding the regular wear and tear that comes with having a growing family. They are a wonderful investment opportunity for households. Quartz and granite are impervious to almost any liquid, so even if you accidentally spill something on them like hot coffee, red wine, or soda, the stones will not get discolored as a consequence of the spill. This is because these materials are immune to stains.

Minimal Maintenance

The requirements for keeping quartz and granite countertops in good condition are the same, except for the daily dusting that is required for all kinds of counters. At least once a year, you will be expected to apply a sealant to the exposed tops of your quartz or granite counters. Both quartz and granite are highly hard-wearing materials, making them excellent choices for countertops. Even though you will be required to seal your Quartz or Granite countertops, you will never have to worry about replacing, polishing, or refinishing your Quartz or Granite worktops. Quartz and granite countertops are impervious to all of these types of damage.



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