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How to Watch the Newest Movies on Any Android Mobile Device

Watching films on your phone or tablet is becoming more and more regular, especially so because of how easy and versatile smart devices are becoming. For that purpose, it is no surprise that there are so many extraordinary apps to watch films and TV shows on them!

Amazon Prime Video

Let’s start with Amazon Prime Video, a current alternative when compared to the other apps to watch movies in our listing, but it does provide a superb movie and TV show catalog, with many alternatives that aren’t available on the other platforms.

You can even make your film and TV show playlists! If you’re interested in this platform, you may try it out at no cost for 30 days earlier than deciding whether or not to sign up for the paid plans.

MX Player

Applications like MX Player and a few others we can mention at some point in this article may be quite sudden in a listing like this. Instead of streaming systems, these apps are simple video players!

A big upside here is that you’ll have the ability to watch whatever you want to watch on them. All you need is to utilize one of the best websites to download movies to find the one you need! MX Player is one of the most well-known mobile video players in recent times, and it offers a guide to almost all kinds of video and subtitles documents.


We can’t talk more about watching movies and TV shows without bringing up one of the best apps to watch them, right?

Netflix is a better deal than many of the traditional TV channels and it creates an ever-growing quantity of super new content material!

For a reasonably-priced monthly subscription, you’ll be capable of watching loads of movies and TV shows on your Android tablet or Smartphone! You can even proportion the Netflix TV shows you’re watching to Instagram Stories.

Google Play Movies

On Google Play Movies you can buy or lease many films and TV shows right on the Google Play Store!

Almost every Android customer has this application and they don’t need to download it.

This platform doesn’t even narrow down your watching list since it additionally works on your favorite web browser.


YouTube additionally features its own channels with lots of movies and TV shows, you can watch them in the various apps. While most are old titles, many are extraordinarily exciting. And in case you need to watch them offline, take a look offline to download YouTube movies!

Of course, if you need, YouTube does additionally make their very own TV shows, all of which any person can buy to watch. Some of the exclusive shows and other documents you’ll find right here.

VLC Media Player

A very famous app is used by computer users. VLC is a great video and song player for mobile devices! Its interface is extremely simple and easy to apply, it may play any sort of video you could discover, and you could download and use it totally for free!

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