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Is the user experience a ranking factor?

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The main aspect to consider when implementing an inbound marketing strategy is the ability to attract qualified users . This means that you need to be able to identify the characteristics that the typical user could have (through profiling the buyer personas ) and build the sales funnel on the basis of this .

More and more often we hear about user experience as a revolutionary element among the numerous ranking factors that are introduced by Google. Before moving on to the real argument about why this parameter is so important, I would like to start with one aspect: is it not universally recognized that companies base their effectiveness on the degree of satisfaction of their customers? Isn’t Google itself a company?

Once this aspect is understood, it is evident that the user experience is not only a ranking factor, but is one of the most important ones that impact on the time a user stays on the site.

What is the User Experience?

By User Experience (UX) we mean the set of emotions and reactions that a user perceive when browsing a website, regardless of the device he is using. The better the experience that the user lives by browsing the pages of the website, the greater the trust that the search engine will place in you. The UX in fact impacts on the usability of the site, on the “circular” navigation and on the time spent inside it.

Precisely for these reasons the concept of user experience is very close to that of page quality, thus including a very varied set of aspects (some more technical than others):

Technical elements : server response speed, browser compatibility as well as the absence of errors in the code and the speed of page loading are elements that make up the user’s user experience. After all, how many times has it happened to abandon a site just because it is “slow to load”?

Usability : an important element to take into consideration is the interaction between the user and the functions proposed on the page, such as the presence of buttons or links inside the site. The navigability of the website must be equally accessible not only from desktop, but also and above all from mobile.

How to improve the User Experience of your site?

At this point you might be wondering: how to improve the user experience of my website?

An element to take into consideration is that the factors that can improve the user experience constantly change in relation to the (always new) tools that are made available to us in the sector: this is precisely the beauty of working in the digital sector.

However, there are some tools that can be used and optimized right away in order to guarantee your users a pleasant experience on your site. Among these it is worth mentioning:

Technically optimize your site

The task of a good digital consultant is also to be able to optimize the website on which he works, in order to correct any errors and make it faster and more navigable. Furthermore, again from an operational point of view, it is essential to remember that – especially when studying the tree and the layout of the website, the responsive aspect must be at the center of the reflections of the whole team.

Create Landing pages that optimize UX

The characteristics a landing page must have must first of all be the simplicity of language that must directly convey the objective. In short, the user should not ask himself “what am I doing on this page, better exit”. Closely linked to this first element, readability is an aspect that is too often set aside: using clear colors and fonts and avoiding unnecessary graphic frills (for example gifs) constitutes a first step towards an optimized landing page for your users.

Furthermore, the immediacy of the language and the buttons positioned, the accessibility to the place of conversion and the credibility of the information that is disclosed contribute to the success of the online project.

Valuing the Unique Value Proposition

To optimize the effect of the Unique Value Proposition – that is the reason that pushes a user to proceed with the request provided by the landing page or the site itself – it is advisable not only to include persuasive elements (rhetorical questions), but also to eliminate all forms of graphic distraction. . On the contrary, it is preferable to insert titles, subtitles and bolds that favor the visual scan by the reader.

Do you want to improve the user experience of your site?

If you want to improve the experience your users have on your site, you can contact SEO Leader . Thanks to my technical skills and the collaboration with high-profile UX designers, we will sew a tailored suit to your site, giving it a unique identity and finally converting it.

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Do you want to receive qualified traffic from Google and increase visibility and conversions?

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