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Google Ads, how to choose the right budget

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Google Ads – formerly Google Adwords – is a platform that allows individuals and companies to publish paid ads on Google through three types of services: Google Search, Google Shopping and Display Advertising . The secret to setting up a digital strategy on Google Ads that leads to the achievement of the desired results is choosing the right budget, asking yourself the most appropriate questions and getting help from a professional in the sector.

Difference between paid results and organic results

Before moving on to the questions you need to ask yourself to determine the most appropriate budget for your campaign, it is important to clarify the difference between paid results and organic results.

In particular:

Paid results : they are easily recognizable because in the SERP they are marked with the label “Ann”, diminutive of “Announcement”. They are usually found at the top of the Google results or at the bottom of them, depending on whether or not an adequate budget has been chosen for the selected topics. To be eligible for these results, you must use Google Ads.

Organic results : all other results are different from the paid ones, obviously excluding maps and videos. The ranking system of these results follows very different criteria from those of advertisements.

What questions to ask before starting to use Google Ads

In order for the use of Google Ads to be profitable for your company, it is essential to ask yourself some questions and seek answers that are consistent with your digital strategy . In particular, it is worth asking: What do I expect from a Google Ads campaign? the first and most important question presupposes that we set ourselves concrete results that we want to obtain. In this way it is possible to allocate a real (and not utopian) budget to achieve that result. Among the possible alternatives there are: purchasing a product from your ecommerce, enrolling in a specialization course that you promote on your site or improving your web reputation.

Do I have a website that can get those results? as obvious as it may seem, however, making sure that your website is performing is essential when setting up an Ads campaign. In fact, users must be directed to a landing page that does not interrupt their online journey, but on the contrary accompanies them towards conversion. In this sense, the technical optimization of a site is a very important preliminary step as it allows you to verify the goodness of your pages and not run the risk of wasting the budget allocated to achieve certain objectives.

How much am I willing to spend? Estimating a budget for Ads campaigns is a decision that must be part of a company’s marketing expenses . This is why it is important to entrust the management of Ads campaigns to a professional in the sector who knows how to provide a preliminary estimate of the amounts in relation to the results you want to obtain.

The Budget on Google Ads

Once you have decided the budget that you can allocate for the promotion of a page or several pages through a Google Ads campaign, you must remember that not only can it be changed from day to day, but that it can be controlled from a specific dashboard.  

Google Ads offers the possibility to set an average daily budget for your campaigns which is calculated as the average amount that you are willing to spend from day to day over the course of the month (minimum suggested duration). Furthermore, it should be remembered that in any case Google will not charge more than those allocated for your daily budget.

Let’s take a practical example of how ad insertion on Google Ads works. Let’s imagine that you spend € 100 / month on advertising, which is an average of € 3.30 / day . This means that to appear for certain previously selected keywords you are willing to spend a maximum of € 3.30 / day.

How do I know if the budget I have chosen is right?

There is absolutely no right or wrong budget for an Ads campaign, but it is preferable to define the performing budgets and those that are less so. To establish the most appropriate amount to achieve certain objectives, it is therefore necessary to refer to a professional in the sector who is able to make an indicative estimate of the campaign budget that allows the desired objectives to be achieved.  

Google Adwords Consultant : SEO Leader , thanks to the experience gained over years of experience in the digital sector, accompanies professionals and companies to achieve success through Google Ads campaigns. The consulting approach does not impose minimum budgets for projects with Google Ads, but on the contrary I provide you with all the tools to be able to make the right decision to promote your online business through ads. In addition , SEO Leader to answer the question “ How to find new customers “ has developed SEM Hybrid , a short-term solution (only 4 months) that combines the SEM approach (promotion and advertising campaigns) and Inbound SEO (organic positioning andDigital PR to improve the online reputation of the Brand) in a single digital marketing strategy without constraints or tacit renewals . Discover SEM Hybrid .

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