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How Long Does it Take to Learn Laravel?

Learning Laravel is an easy step if you are already familiar with PHP but also with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, and MySQL. If you studied software engineering, you know that you first learn some basic programming approaches, like C and C++, and then build the knowledge using that strong foundation.

Frameworks like Laravel make software development more accessible because you don’t need to write the program from scratch. It simplifies web app development, making it robust and straightforward. Additionally, PHP frameworks offer great career options since plenty of companies are looking for Laravel developers for hire at the moment.

You can start learning Laravel as a beginner, but it would be more time-consuming and demanding compared to those who already know PHP and other programming languages, environments, and frameworks.

Laravel is a free, open-source web application development framework that offers authentication, caching, validation, and more features. The framework is very scalable and flexible, which is why Laravel is so popular.

How Much Time Will You Need to Learn Laravel?

In ideal cases, you need about three months to get used to the syntax and functionalities. It may take less if you are a talented programmer who can quickly learn coding and different programming languages. If you have a strong background in software development, you will probably need a month until you learn the basics and create your first successful project.

For those who know PHP but don’t work with it often, learning Laravel can be a more challenging process. Still, they can easily figure out what to do and how to use the wide array of tools and functionalities.

But, if you don’t have a computer science background, you can’t really start with Laravel immediately. Beginners usually aren’t aware of how much time to learn Laravel they need. They are primarily focused on collecting resources and trying to keep up with them.

But in general, as a beginner, you will have to:

  • Get familiar with the concept of object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Learn procedural PHP and PHP (OOP)
  • Learn some theoretical Laravel lessons
  • Try to build a simple program with Laravel

As you gain experience, you will quickly adapt to more complex tasks and boost your confidence in software development.

Tips on How to Learn Laravel Better

If we sum up what we’ve told until now, it is that if your mind is sharp enough to learn PHP OOP, you won’t have trouble understanding the Laravel logic. Some people are natural talents when it comes to programming and software development.

But, if you have trouble with basic things like understanding the concept of OOP and its logic, maybe you should try harder. But, if it doesn’t come naturally to you, you will probably struggle more and even learn Laravel for a year until you are able to compose a simple program yourself.

If you need some tips on how to learn Laravel faster, check on the following:

1. Find Reliable Learning Resources

Laravel has detailed documentation available for everyone. But, you also need additional books or courses so you can get straight to the point.

You can use some recommendations from the community and find well-structured resources that will lead to the goal. If you use random resources, you will get confused during the process.

Don’t move to the next lesson until you are sure you understand the current one well.

2. Write More, Read Less

You surely need to learn some theoretical things about Laravel, but it’s better to try in practice as you complete a lesson. We suggest downloading the framework and trying the exercises from the learning resources.

You can use it to write pieces of code. When it works properly, you are more motivated to continue with the process. Also, that’s how you go deeper with your knowledge and memorize helpful information too.

3. Everything is Easier When You Have a Mentor

Software developers often want to share their knowledge with less experienced beginners. When you join a community, it becomes easier to find someone to support you on this journey.

Your mentor can work with you online, or you can even schedule lessons with them. You can also join a group of beginners to start this exciting career change together.

If you see someone online willing to help others, contact that person. Maybe you will find a Laravel mentor for life with them.

4. Set Realistic Expectations

The first step to being successful in what you do is to be realistic about your skills, talents, and learning capacity. When learning how to code with Laravel, you need to be aware if you are a fast or slow learner and how your logic connects the dots into a big picture.

Even if you are a sharp-minded programmer, you may get stuck with documentation, libraries, or any other Laravel tool.

The good thing is that you can always ask for help since the community is here to help.

Depending on your expectations, you can estimate how long it will take until you master Laravel. As we said, many things can affect the outcome, but you still need to be ready to invest a few months of your life in it.

5. Trust the Process

Sometimes you will want to give up and even completely change your career path. Other times, things will go so easily you won’t believe what’s happening.

The thing is, you must trust the process. Everything you try to learn requires time, effort, and dedication, including software development frameworks like Laravel.

No matter if you use a course, tutorial, or book, you need to be consistent while you learn Laravel. That’s the only way to accomplish your mission.

Final Words

We can’t estimate a general time frame because every developer is different. Your initial skills, professional background, and sharp mind will determine if you will need just a few weeks or over a year to master Laravel.

Anyway, try not to give up when things get challenging. That’s how you practice for more significant projects. After that, you will be ready to work in serious software development companies.



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