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High-Quality Decaf Japanese Matcha Green Tea – A Masterpiece for Modern Tea Fanatics

Beyond any question, high-quality matcha is exploding across the globe and on millions of wellness blogs. Even health-conscious influencers prefer matcha to any other caffeinated drinks. So why not deep dive into the world of matcha and get to know why it has earned the attention of millions of people. Is all the hype quite valid or just another passing fad? If you are ready to learn more, let’s learn more about matcha before buying it from a premium retailer. 

What Is the Difference Between Ordinary Green Tea and Matcha? 

The foremost thing that makes matcha green tea more special than other teas is its harvest process. Matcha saplings are shaded prior to harvesting to extend the amino acid and chlorophyll content. This process consecutively enhances the flavor and appearance of matcha tea. Yes, you read that right! That is why matcha has such a vibrant green hue to it. 

Once the matcha leaves are harvested, bent out of shape, dried, and blended, they are ground up in a very smooth, fine powder that one can eventually mix into cold water or hot water as per their preferences.  

Wondering about the sequel further? You actually consume the entire leaves. Now compare this with the ordinary steeped green tea, where you only drink the solvent elements after drenching green tea leaves in hot water. If you are now wondering what it tastes like, keep on reading. Usually, most individuals have found it with a savory, strong, and grassy flavor, which is similar to that of spinach or wheatgrass. In fact, premium quality matcha has balanced flavors with courses of unfolding complexity and nuance. 

Is Premium, High-Quality Matcha Really Better? 

Without any doubt, most of us would spend more money on products that would give us something in return. Unfortunately, decaf Japanese matcha green tea is usually on the pricier side. However, there are proven benefits to investing in the finest matcha tea powder. Here are just a few of them:

  • Premium grade matcha is prepared from the utmost harvest during spring when the petals are packed with the most nutrients and flavors like L-theanine and antioxidants. Whereas lower grade matcha is harvested during summer and fall when the leaves are not so nutritious and flavorful. 
  • The best matcha usually has a strong, savory, and sweet flavor. Since earthy umami flavor is the upshot of high amino acid, L-theanine, which eventually can give a calming feel. 
  • High-quality matcha green tea is always produced with fewer fertilizers and pesticides, even if it is not the finest organic grade. The last thing a buyer wishes is to have a tea grade with high toxicity. 
  • When used to put together excellent grade matcha, better grinding practices result in less heat generation, preserving more fractions of antioxidants and nutrients. 
  • Lastly, we must mention that premium-grade decaf matcha is rare, especially when you expect the highest quality. Did you know that DōMatcha®  introduced the first decaffeinated matcha on the market? Their Master’s Decaf has the same amount of caffeine as a decaf coffee, around 6mg/g. Guess what’s more interesting? Their matcha is an ideal beverage for anyone who is caffeine sensitive. The blend is meticulously prepared with a decaffeination water extraction process of shade-grown green tea leaves in Kyoto, Japan. 


So, whether you are wishing to enjoy a soothing bubble tea in the evening or a latte for those lazy afternoons, their decaf matcha can be the highlight of your day. After all, who doesn’t love to enjoy the nutritional benefits of a beverage that can be easily prepared with a quick whisk! 

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