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FACEBOOK “ Sorry Feature isn’t Available Right Now” ERROR

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms and it is more liked by the users since it provides simple features and proper guidelines to use. 

People post a lot of images, videos, and links on their Facebook accounts. Facebook can be used for multiple purposes to share memories, jokes, and entertaining and inspiring videos or have a conversation through Facebook messenger, or for running a personal page or business page. Business accounts can be used for advertising purposes, marketing, selling of products and services, making clients, and captivating more clients through well-defined Facebook business pages.

Sometimes while operating Facebook the users can face an issue called “Sorry Feature isn’t Available Right Now” or ” You can’t use this feature right now”  Facebook error.

This is a common basic error that users can face and it can be due to many reasons such as:

  1. For advertising purposes, people try various methods to advertise such as posting unlimited business posters and pamphlets, and videos.

Some people also share the link of their website or business page in abundance via message or constantly posting on pages as well as on groups and chats.

(This is considered a spamming activity and Facebook can show this error and would not post or share any link in the future, maybe for a few days)

  1. When users are uploading a lot of posts including images and videos constantly, then Facebook can send such an error and the users won’t be able to post anything for a few days.
  1. There are times when we come in contact with accounts that are either fake and spread false & invalid information, people posting inappropriate images & videos, or making inappropriate comments on pages.

(If users do the above-listed items, he/she shall be reported to Facebook and users can face the error mentioned above.)

  1. It is always advisable to keep the apps updated to use the benefits of the new features installed by the app and if the user faces the error “you can’t use this feature right now” it may be because the app needs an update.
  1. It is not just apps that need a regular update, web browsers and chrome extensions need an update too. 

(Update the web browser the user is using and check if the error shows or not, and also use a suitable & better browser to browse.)

  1. Cache and Cookies are a feature that stores the browsing history and makes it convenient to browse in the future but this can also be a problem since it will also save the old and corrupt version of the page and will lead directly to that version only.

(It is advisable to always keep on clearing the browsing data and catcher & cookies but to keep the saved passwords, users can uncheck the passwords save icon while clearing the browsing history).

At last but not least, users must ensure that they have good internet and network connections and check the speed of the internet.

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