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5 Best Software to Create Online Courses

5 Best Software to Create Online Courses 

Do you want to create your online course platforms? Course-making software is tools used to create interactive and engaging training or educational material for students or employees in a corporate setting. Course-making software facilitates the process of understanding and presenting your training interactively. Digital technologies heavily influence today’s learning environment; students prefer online learning more, and with the thousands of software available to create, edit and publish different content formats. Every online training course is unique, with a specific goal and audience that determines your approach.

What are the five best softwares for creating online courses?

Online education has become a great source of education available 24/7 for students. We’ve researched, tested, and evaluated the five best online course platform software for creating online courses to help you find the top tools.

  1. Teachable 
  • Among the top online course platforms in the world, Teachable is an intuitive and beginner-friendly course builder, ideal for sharing knowledge with the masses.
  • This course creator has helped over 100,000-course creators sell more than $1 billion in coaching and courses over the years 
  • Teachable course builder accepts files from Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, among other content formats.
  • Features include optimization for web and mobile, intuitive user interface, Power Editor for advanced developer customization, and many more.

2. Thinkific 

  • You can use this tool to build a variety of exciting courses for everything from digital marketing courses to music theory.
  • Famous for its easy accessibility and free tier, Thinkific has plenty to offer creative educators – it’s also trusted by leading brands like Hootsuite and Shopify.
  • Thinkific supports all features you can expect from an LMS plugin. Plus, you can create different multiple subscription programs, create landing pages, and make a membership community.
  • It is fully hosted, which means you don’t need to worry about software, backup, and other technical aspects.

3. Podia 

  •  Podia is a compelling all-in-one course creation platform with more than 50,000 members.
  • It’s not just a tool for teaching and creating courses but makes it easy to provide online classes and sell all kinds of work online, from webinars to one-off downloads like cheat sheets, audiobooks, and eBooks.
  • There are also various tools on Podia to help market your online courses, including custom website solutions, email marketing tools, and live chat widgets.
  • Another remarkable feature is the ability to run your affiliate program inside Podia.

4. Kajabi 

  • Kajabi is the best online learning platform and is also considered one of the best tools on the market for course creation. Kajabi is a full suite of world-class tools to deliver the ultimate learning experience.
  • All-in-one course creation software with email marketing and accessible to-use ecosystem for beginners
  • Lots of integrations with leading marketplace tools.
  • Secure and effortless customer experience with various payment options 

5. iSpring Suite Max 

  • iSpring Suite Max is a course-building software that will allow you to create interactive courses, quizzes, role-plays, and video lessons and collaborate with your team on the project online.
  • The software is straightforward, as you don’t need any preparation to create your first course.
  • The tool offers a rich collection of course templates and assets that allow you to create courses twice as fast.
  • Tens of thousands of companies worldwide already use iSpring Suite Max for employee training, and their success and gross revenue are a testament to how efficient the system is.

Let’s sum up 

Now that you have a clear idea of the best course creation software, it’s time to select the best online course builder for your needs. From creating a course website and taking payments to uploading videos and interacting with students, the best online learning platforms can help you meet your goals. Building an online course is easier than ever at a time when there are countless fantastic course development tools to access online. With one of the solutions above, you should be able to design a unique, engaging learning experience for your students.

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