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What does the name “screen printing” mean? How will the colours stay the same?

Screen printing is called that because it involves using screens to push ink. When printing in more than one colour, you need a separate screen for each colour. This is the main reason why the cost goes up after each layer. Also, you can only pick a certain number of colours. Using fewer shades is very efficient and portable because it will be easy to print and save you money. So, using fewer layers of colours will make you more money, and this is the best and most useful secret of the screen printing industry.

Which materials are easier to screen print on?

Even though screen printing can be done on any kind of fabric, it is the most common way to print on fabric. But there are some materials or fabrics on which screen printing is easier and more effective, such as:


Silk is easier to screen print on because it is smoother. It soaks up ink more quickly than others because it has a thinner texture.


Most screen-printed fabrics are made of cotton. Because they are made of soft, natural fibres and have a porous texture, they absorb ink easily and look good.


The thicker the fabric, the more ink it can hold. As the amount of ink absorbed goes up, the durability can be made sure of because thicker layers take longer to wash off.


Jersey is a material that can be stretched, absorbs well, and breaks when stretched.

T-shirt screen printing is done more often on these fabrics than screen printing on other products.

How Do I Choose the Right Stroke for Screen Printing?

Screen printing that looks good usually doesn’t work well with multiple strokes. Even though you can make sure the print quality with one stroke, it will be faster to use two. But if you use more than three strokes, the quality of the fabric and work will go down because more strokes will make the ink thicker. Because of this, one of the trade secrets of screen printing is how important it is to use the right strokes. So, use one or two strokes with medium pressure for better screen printing quality.

Is screen printing an environmentally friendly method?

Screen printing inks that are made from water can be recycled and are better for the environment than PVC-based inks. People often use inks made from PVC, but these inks are very bad for both the environment and people’s health. So, water-based inks are used, which are soft, hand-printed, have bright and beautiful colours, and work best on light-colored clothes. They are flexible and can print on clothes in many different colours. These links don’t have any dangerous chemicals or heavy metals like lead, so this screen printing industry secret can also help stop pollution.


Have you ever noticed that screen printing is a simple way to make money that works well? It takes less work and time and gets the best result it can. The trade secrets of screen printing include many things that can make your work easier and help you make money.

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