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Employee Intranet Solution Improves Your Company Productivity

What is an Employee Intranet Solution anyway?

You may use a lot of software regardless of industry. And you’ve probably come across “employee intranet solution,” and “employee intranet software” Are you just using the same software for your intranet?

Spoiler Note: They can be separate software or provide very similar functionality.

Corporate intranet portal helps you create internal websites with single sign-on. It acts as a single access point to personalized and categorized content, services, and apps. Employee portal software typically provides data access, content, search and filters, transactions, security, chat, and video conferencing tools.

Intranet portal software helps you design private and secure networks. Employee intranet and can communicate and access integrated enterprise-related features such as email, CRM, company information, workgroup systems, file shares, and other apps.

The Employee Self-Service App (also known as ESS) enhances the development of single points with a variety of related HR content. Here, staff have instant access to information about benefits, HR policies, salaries, surveys, ticket requests, and attendance management.

What are the benefits of the employee portal?

Company transparency

You know that nearly 60% of employees don’t know what their organization represents. Do you have external resources such as freelancers, contractors, suppliers, etc.? Then use a web-based portal to assess transparency and team building.

Save time

Note: Staff spend 25% of their time searching. And “corporate memory loss” fragments and loses information. Corporate intranet portal allows employees to run document and file-based to get the right answer. It also reduces the search time. In addition, centralized guides and training materials enhance onboarding for new employees.

Engaged staff

The staff sees an assessment of their performance. Engage and encourage to improve your skills and keep learning new things. In short, you’ll get a better employee experience at your company.

Quality of employee experience

Obviously, Employee intranet solution experience is an important aspect of today’s workplace. This impacts recruitment budgets, operating costs, and corporate culture. Even 80% of executives emphasize its importance. Corporate intranet portal can streamline some processes, increase productivity, and reduce recruitment costs. And a quick return on investment is imminent.


Integrate with third-party software to make it accessible from one place. Therefore, employees have the tools they need at hand. And your team isn’t in 70% of the staff who don’t have the tools to work.

Improved HR service

If the employee portal has self-service capabilities, HR operations are offloaded in half. Staff respond to inbound inquiries, questions, and requests through the corporate portal.

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