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Why Job Recruitment in India Will Flourish?

Job recruitment in India is a growing industry and it offers many opportunities to those who are looking for a job. There are several firms that offer jobs in India and there are various types of jobs available.

Job recruitment in India is not just limited to the IT sector. It also covers jobs in other sectors like banking, finance, insurance, media, marketing, etc.

Jobs in Banking Sector

The banking sector is one of the most sought-after sectors as it provides a secure job with good salary packages. The banks offer various types of jobs such as clerical staff, junior management trainee (JMT), branch manager, relationship officer, etc. The candidates can opt for any of these depending on their qualifications and experience.

Jobs In FMCG Sector

The FMCG sector stands for fast-moving consumer goods which include items like food products, toiletries, cosmetics, etc. These industries require workers who can manage their business efficiently without compromising on quality standards and customer satisfaction levels. Candidates who have completed their degree can apply for this type of job because they will be able to handle large volumes with ease while maintaining high standards of quality at all times.

What Is the Process to Hire a Job Seeker?

The process of hiring a job seeker is simple. You need to fill in your details on the free job posting website and upload your resume. If we find your profile suitable for the job, we will contact you and discuss the project details. We will also conduct an interview with you over the phone or video call. It will be followed by approval from our end if everything is in order. Finally, we will send you the payment details and offer letter after receiving the payment confirmation from you.

What Is an Employment Agency?

An employment agency like Job Mantra provides services for employers and employees (or job seekers) seeking employment opportunities. An employment agency may be temporary or permanent, but it always charges fees for its services. In addition to the fees charged by an employment agency, there may be additional costs associated with any travel expenses incurred by you during the recruitment process.

What Are the Different Types Of Recruitment In India?

There are mainly two types of job recruitment processes which are as follows:

a) Direct Recruitment: It is a process where an employer directly contacts the candidate and offers him/her a job.

b) Indirect Recruitment: It is a process where an agency or headhunting firm finds you suitable candidates for your particular role and then gets in touch with them directly without your involvement in the whole process.

What Are The 2 Challenges in Recruitment?

Free job posting service is a great way for employers to get their job postings in front of millions of potential candidates. However, there are mainly 2 challenges:

Attrition rate –

Recruitment is the process of finding, attracting, and selecting the most suitable candidate for a job opening within the organization. It is a continuous process that starts even before a position is advertised, and continues right through to after the candidate has started work. In fact, it is often said that hiring a new employee is like building another business because if you get it wrong, it will cost you money in terms of lost productivity, morale, and ultimately turnover.

Time taken –

Recruiting someone can take time and resources, especially if you have more than one vacancy to fill. You may find yourself spending more time on recruitment than you would like and having to take candidates out for several interviews before making your decision.

This can be stressful and time-consuming for both parties involved; not only does this affect productivity but it also takes away from other important tasks that need to be completed by your team members.

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