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In 2022, Here are 5 Ways to Improve Your Voice Search SEO

With the unprecedented advancements in technology, people’s approach toward a lot of things has been evolving simultaneously. The once sought-after information in books and encyclopedias is now available by typing out a few words on your phone screen. Technology now offers to search for your queries simply by listening to you to add to the excitement and ease. 

Do you remember how often you have tried to recall a song stuck in your head, but you could not recall the lyrics; its tunes were all you remember? Yes, you can just hum the tune to your device, and it will do the searching for you. That is what voice search is. 

As one would understand, voice search has affected search engine optimization significantly. From retailers to k to HORECA, any business with an online presence already knows how important digital marketing is. And if you are using digital marketing, you must also know how important SEO is to your digital marketing strategy. And no, voice search SEO is nothing like your regular SEO that gives you results by typed searches. 

Think about it, when you type out a search, it is usually concise and relies on keywords. However, when we speak, we talk in a conversational tone. This puts the semantics in the search engines at work. Unlike typed searches, the search engines need to figure out the meaning behind what is said, which can be quite tough. Regardless, with the evolving technology, voice search is becoming easier and increasingly reliable, too. This now begs the question, do you need to optimize your website to be compatible with voice search? The answer is an obvious yes. 

Down below, we will discuss in details how you can improve your voice search SEO in 2022. 

  1. Your content should be conversational 

This might sound self-explanatory, but we will get into the details anyway.  

Loading up your website content with tons of keywords to get crawlers is barely enough in today’s scenario. People now prefer content that is more conversational and the one that could provide relevant and valuable information. In simple terms, people want to read content that sounds human and one that looks like a human writes it.  

The reason behind this is that when performing a voice search, people ‘talk’, their language and delivery are fluent instead of throwing around keywords. Hence, it is necessary that your website’s content could catch that and is compatible with what people are saying. Your content needs to be concise and easy and fun to read.  

  1. Local search optimization 

Voice searches are three times more likely to show local search results than typed ones. Hence, one of the best ways to improve your voice search SEO is local search optimization. 

Local SEO constitutes a major part of people’s digital marketing strategies anyway. This is the stats: local SEO drives up to 46% of total online engagement. The customers acquired through local SEOs are the solid ones and, more often, the returning ones. This makes it way more important to optimize your local search, especially if you own a physical business.  

Local SEO is not very different from regular SEO. The only effort you need to consistently make is reinstating that you are a ‘local business. You need to ensure that the content you are generating is relevant to your local area and that the keywords you are using are local keywords.

  1. Answer the FAQs 

Believe it or not, answering your audience’s frequently asked questions can drive up your voice search SEO immensely. The reason, you ask? Because when conducting a voice search, people tend to do it in the form of questions. The best advantage is that Google will give you insights into what the customers’ frequently asked questions are.  

You can type out the query and look for the results that come under the ‘people also ask’ column. This will help you draw out a clear picture of what your potential customers need answers to. The game plan is clear from here: answer the questions on your website and make it engaging. Like we said earlier, the content should feel human.  

  1. Make it mobile-friendly 

The most common device that you can find with literally anybody is a mobile phone. Hence, it is very important that your content and your website are easy to navigate through mobile phones 

This also majorly determines how Google’s algorithms are going to respond to you. If people find that your website is hard to navigate through a phone and close it as soon as they open it, the chances are that Google will flag it as unreliable, and it won’t show up on searches easily. Hence, making your website mobile-friendly is a very crucial step to improving your voice search SEO.  

  1. Claim your Google My Business listing 

Google My Business is a crucial tool that determines the traffic generated on your site based on all important business information you can provide. This includes information like contact info, opening and closing times, services offered, etc.; all of this is stuff that is mostly asked on voice searches. Hence, claiming your business on Google My Business is your way to go. 

Final thoughts

With the advancements in tech, where there is everything, from a smartphone to a smart speaker, it’d be foolish not to optimize your content according to the wind of your audience. The more you optimize your content, the more audience you are bound to gather.  

Eleena Wills
Eleena Wills
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