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Effective Websites to Convert PDF Files To PPT

It is essential to create the best presentations primarily when you use it in business meetings, school reports, for customers, and a lot more. Some files that you have might be in a different format. For you to have great PowerPoint presentations, you might need to know how to convert a PDF file into PPT fast and easily. 

Several free and paid tools online are available for users to use on different platforms. A lot of alternatives are available, have enhanced functions, and extra features draw people’s attention. Go now for the best right now. 

PDF Bear

If you are looking for a pdf to ppt converter online, PDFBear is a go-to since it is a known website that is accessible to all. This program will do everything to provide quality service because sometimes it is hard to find capable software to convert your PDF file to PPT. PDF Bear also is strict on considering the safety of the user’s documents. An hour after inactivity, the uploaded or converted files will automatically disappear. 

iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

iSkysoft PDF Editor is an effortless way to use features of PDF editors. Converting PDF to PowerPoint is not an easy thing to do, but it would be simple to use this software. A wide range of tools and features can convert your PDF files to various formats. Other programs are available, but they claim to be one of the best PDF to PPT converters.

Some tools will permit users to have more chances to the file before the ppt conversion. These include annotating, drawing, highlighting markups. Once the user is happy or satisfied with their data’s output, they can now convert and save it easily.


This website supports cloud storage like the famous Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and iCloud. This program does not require users to input the email address. Upload the file, and it will start to convert. Tracking of the conversion is also reachable since it lays out the progress of the file conversion.

Their enhanced technology will make the conversion of PDF files possible. Scanned documents can be changed and edited if you need it. After clicking convert PDF to PPT, the OCR engines will successfully transform, and the scanned PDF file will be ready for PowerPoint presentations.

DeskUNPDF for Mac

Now some programs will not work on Mac Platforms. DeskUNPDF for Mac allows users that are in dire need to convert PDF files to PPT. It comes with features that will convert files with high accuracy and high-quality outputs. This program can also convert the PDF document into other formats that existed, namely; Microsoft Word and Excel. 

You can save multiple files at the same time, and even turn it into a plain text. This program allows Mac users to convert files that they need effortlessly. It is best for large-scaled PDF files without reducing the quality of the output. This software will ensure that it will keep the beautiful conditions of your work.

FoxitPhantom PDF Online

FoxitPhantom is a tool that will deliver users features that are highly efficient. May it be from merely creating, typing, editing, and converting files. The Foxit Phantom was said to be superior when it comes to functionality. 

A tool that is easily accessible when users seek conversion programs. It runs on the web, so having a stable internet connection is suggested to prevent mistakes.  If saved files are in the cloud storage, you can easily pick them without locally downloading the software. 

The finished data will be collected automatically to the type of room you used. The cons of this tool are that since it is online software, users must sign up to access the features and amazing services.


Conversion may be difficult when you don’t know a lot about PDFs and Powerpoint. In this article, we sorted out a list of software programs and websites that will provide quality outputs. 

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