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HomeFood & BeverageA rejuvenating chicken soup for the hot summer days.

A rejuvenating chicken soup for the hot summer days.

At first, it may seem counterintuitive when serving hot pots of soup during the hottest days of summer.

However, if you consider the ingredients that make up samgyetang, the most famous rejuvenating stew of Korean chicken soup made from ginseng, it might seem counterintuitive. And the decision began to seem more rational.

It is believed that the properties of ginseng will help restore and rejuvenate. As well as increasing libido in women and your immune system, hot soup is believed to help regulate body temperature during hot temperatures.

 The energy-boosting properties of ginseng and its nutrients in soups are a great way to regain energy during hot days.

In addition to medicinal properties, I immediately drowned in the soup. I love the presentation with a whole chicken tucked in a pot. I am surrounded by mysterious fruits, vegetables and even nuts.

Sweet short-grain rice seasoned with garlic and pine nuts is cooked in a chicken cavity, and it’s a way I’ve never seen before.

After simmering for about half an hour, an interesting chicken broth was also prepared in each pot. The sweetness of the jujube, along with the slightly bitter earthen ginseng and rich rice, gives the soup a slightly cloudy flavour.

 Customers can add chicken pieces, rice and other ingredients. Pour the hot broth into a bowl and serve with salt, pepper, salt and spring onions so that each guest can season the soup to their liking.

This recipe can serve two people generously. If two pounds of chicken are out of hand, the game chicken or the more conventional 3-4 pound chicken may be substituted, and the recipe is adjusted accordingly.


  • 2 pounds chicken, rinsed
  • 1 c. Short grain rice
  • Four cloves of garlic, crushed
  • Two pine nuts
  • The chicken broth at room temperature
  • 3” old ginger, peeled
  • 6 Jujube (Korean red dates)
  • Two root ginseng
  • peeled ginkgo
  • Spring onions, for serving
  • salt and pepper

Soak rice in cold, filtered water for about 20 minutes. Rice should be washed and mixed with garlic and pine nuts for filling. The chicken should be stuffed using the rice mixture and then tied to make sure the rice stays in the bird during cooking.

Choose a dish that the chicken will be comfortable with. Place the chicken in the pot with the chicken and chicken broth until the pan is almost full. Close the lid of the pot and bring it to almost boiling. Remove any remaining grease and debris.

When the broth boils, add the jujube, ginseng, ginkgo, jujube and ginger, reduce the heat and cook for 60-90 minutes until the chicken is cooked and the rice is soft.

The record-breaking heatwave continues to plague Korea and other countries. The world is constantly warming. People turn to the food they believe will help cool off the summer heat.

Boyangsik is a Korean name that means In Korean, nourishing food is often served in summer. People line up at famous restaurants to enjoy delicious and healthy food.

Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup)

Samgyetang is a popular Korean dish due to its popularity. However, it is a well-known boyangsik dish throughout the country.

The hot soup made with ginseng contains a variety of herbs. Ginseng and jujube are the most important ingredients. It’s packed with nutrients.

 It is a true representation of the phrase used in Korea. “iyeolchiyeol,” which means “fire fighting with fire”, as many South Koreans believe that eating hot food in the summer is good for your body.

 Practitioners in Korean traditional medicine claim that the temperature of the digestive organs is reduced because people sweat. Body temperature drops in summer, which makes people susceptible to digestive problems

Advertising for frozen desserts and cold beverages also influences seasonal news. In this context, the idea of ​​maintaining body temperature in summer and stimulating the digestive system is a popular choice for Koreans.

Jang-eo GUI (grilled eel)

Grilled eel is one of the most popular summer dishes in Korea. Packed with vitamins, nutrients and protein.

This powerful food is described as an amazing energy supplement for people of all ages. Grilled dishes are available in various flavours, from salt, gochujang and sweet sauce.

People who appreciate the natural flavour of eels prefer salt as a seasoning. At the same time, those who prefer a more intense flavour will enjoy the grilled eel topped with a sweet sauce.

 Healthy and tasty food is often served with chopped fresh ginger, which can help to eliminate the smell of fish and can also provide antimicrobial properties.