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Distinct Menus at Olive Gardens.

Olive Garden’s first-ever “2 for $25 Italian Dinner” gives customers additional options and variety at an incredible price. Olive Garden Specials bundle contains six meals and over 1,000 different supper alternatives, so there’s something for everyone in the family.

“With Olive Garden Coupon ‘2 for $25 Italian Evening,’ our customers can enjoy an affordable, full three-course Italian dinner for just $25,” said Julie Elkinton, senior vice president of food and beverage at Olive Garden.

 “With a variety of entrees, appetizers, and desserts to choose from, guests can adapt their meals to any taste and circumstance, whether it’s a midweek dinner or a romantic evening for two.”

$25 for a two-course Italian dinner at Olive Garden Specials

Begin By Saying:

Our famous never-ending fresh-baked bread sticks, as well as an unlimited salad or homemade soup from the garden.

Choose Two Entrees:


Six scrumptious options are available in Olive Garden Specials menu, including two new entrees and four menu staples:

  • Smoked Mozzarella with Chicken
  • New Meatball Spaghetti with Four Cheese Meat Sauce
  • Parmigiano-Reggiano-Reggiano-Reggiano-Reggiano-Reggiano Parmigiana-Reggiano-Reggiano
  • Baked Ziti with Five kinds of cheese
  • Ravioli with Portobello
  • Alfredo Fettuccini (Alfredo Fettuccini)

Choose Two Appetizers or A Dessert To Share:

Start with two appetizers or save space for dessert and indulge in something delicious.

This limited-time offer is only available till August 12th. The website can assist you in locating a restaurant in your neighborhood. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter at and @OliveGarden.

Information On the Olive Garden

With over 750 locations, more than 90,000 employees, and annual revenues of more than $3.5 billion, Olive Garden is the most popular Italian restaurant with its appetizing Olive Garden Specials menu. Olive Garden is owned by the Darden family of restaurants (NYSE: DRI), the world’s largest full-service restaurant organization.

Darden was named to FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” list for the second year in a row in 2012, making it the only full-service restaurant company to ever make the list. Olive Garden is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of those in the community. For more information, go to

Olive Garden’s Senior Discount Policy

Olive Garden offers several discounts, but there is no one-size-fits-all Senior Discount policy that applies to all their locations. While some local franchisees may launch a senior-focused promotion, the discounts they offer are normally open to people of all ages.

 You’ll have to check with your local Olive Garden to see if they have a special offer for you.

You can, however, take advantage of many of the same discounts that other restaurants provide exclusively to seniors.

 Simply make informed decisions when dining at Olive Garden and sign up for their email newsletter. Here are some more money-saving ideas.

Experiment With An Unlimited Offer.

At different times, Olive Garden has well-publicized promotions such as “endless spaghetti” being one of their Olive Garden Specials. With this dish deal, those with a big appetite can obtain a lot of plates of a particular meal for a low price.

There was a discount on ‘never-ending stuffed pasta,’ for example. You could have a loaded pasta with a sauce for $11.99 and eat as much as you wanted. There are promotions based on where you are. It’s a good idea to call your local restaurant ahead of time if you know you want that promotion.

There is one promotion that is available at all Olive Garden locations. Soups, salads, and breadsticks are served for lunch. Guests can order as many breadsticks, soup bowls, and salad bowls as they want with this entrée for a fair price.

If you enjoy a variety of soups, this could be a great way to load up on healthful and delicious food.

Lunch Favorites And Early Dinner Duos

While Olive Garden does not provide a broad senior discount, they do have several Olive Garden Specials lunches and early dinner menus. The “Lunch Favorites” menu includes a variety of smaller-portioned items.

They’re only accessible during midday, and many of them cost under $10 in some locations.

From 3 to 5 p.m., Early Supper Duos allow you to combine a soup or salad with a popular dish for a low price that is closer to lunch than dinner that’s also one of the Olive Garden Specials.

Although not everyone in their senior years appreciates an early lunch, being able to drive home from the restaurant before dark is an advantage.

Finally, some Olive Garden locations provide a ‘take-home meal’ option from their Olive Garden Specials, which allows you to purchase a $5 pasta dish to be delivered to your home. If you favor leftovers as a source of easy-to-make meals the next day, this could be a cost-effective option.

You Can Dine Well For Less Money At Olive Garden.

Olive Garden Specials offers a wide selection of pasta and meat dishes, as well as their famous breadsticks. Although not everything on the menu can be made allergen-free, vegetarianism and veganism are two options for people with allergies, sensitivities, or dietary choices.

 You’ll discover that those portions are generous, so a little foresight now could result in enough leftovers for another quick lunch the next day, allowing you to save even more money.

Materials are included in the cake to assist you in creating a magnificent strategy for your own future. Saving money is only one part of a comprehensive long-term strategy.



There’s A Chance To Win A $100 Olive Garden Gift Card!

As a kid, Olive Garden was my absolute favorite restaurant. Not much has changed now that I’m 27. It’s wonderful to have a restaurant that grows alongside your family. I was a picky eater as a child, and now I have my own finicky eater but they have Olive Garden Specials menu for every picky eater.  For the first time, Brayden ate anything off the menu at Olive Garden; they didn’t have to prepare anything special for him, and I didn’t have to carry anything with me. What about the breadsticks, by the way? After all, they’re his FAVORITE!

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