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Amazing practices to maintain good oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene contributes to good health. Think about this scenario; you are at a wedding. People are happy; flowers are hanging everywhere, variety of food items are placed before you. You are dressed great. Everybody is watching you. Suddenly you drop the food in your hand and scream in pain. Or even worse, your gums started bleeding. Otherwise, you are approaching a person you fell for at first sight. But they avoid the conversation with you and leave. You ask your friend why they behaved this way. And they reply that you have a bad breath. It would be excruciating right.

To avoid all these scenarios, you should practice good oral care routines. You can also consider using breath strips that will give you fresh breath. Following a good oral care routine will benefit your oral cavity. It will improve your overall health and your physical attractiveness. Below listed a few great practices that help in better oral hygiene?

Toothbrush facts

 Maintaining good oral health starts with choosing the right toothbrush. Even if you have the correct toothbrush, you should never brush your teeth motor fast. If you brush your teeth very fast like a race bike, you will lose your enamel, and all the food particles can easily stain your teeth. A toothbrush’s bristle, the shape of the head, the way the handle is designed, and the head’s size all matter too. You should pick a toothbrush that engages in perfectly cleaning your teeth.

Always remember not to use your toothbrush for around ten years. Try to change it as much as possible at least once six months. This will keep your teeth and the nerve endings of the teeth crown well protected and free from sensitivity.

Flossing should not be taken lightly

Wondering what flossing is? Let me explain. Flossing is using a twine thread material to pass it through each tooth and exfoliating the food residues settled down in-between. And like so many things, there is a right way for flossing. You must take a flossing thread that measures 18 inches in length. Make sure you get a good grip on the floss between your index and thumb fingers. Slide it back and forth slowly between each tooth and gently remove the remains and tough residues hidden in the deeper spot. You must be very careful while flossing in the lower parts so that you will not damage your crown.

Never miss cleaning the tongue

The tongue is the part that directs the food particles from side to side, which helps in mastication. It is also where the white residues stay after every meal. As the mouth is the entry point of the digestive system, cleaning it every morning is important as brushing the teeth daily. So that it will not only impact your oral health but also safeguard the entire digestive tract from microbes. It would be best to practice using a tongue scraper to scrap the upper part of the tongue after each brushing session. That would improve your sense of taste and give your tongue a good appearance. And also harmful bacteria can be evicted. So next time when you take selfies you can show off your clean tongue without hesitation.

Try to avoid coffee, tobacco, sugar.

Coffee, tea, and red wine; beverages like this can seep into the enamel of your teeth and breeches the outer layer. If the outer layer is destroyed, it is very easy for the microorganisms to invade the crown and cause a cavity. Once the cavity is formed, you will experience excruciating pain in the specific site and lose the tooth. Sugar can also reduce the quality of oral health but eliminate the enamel after a certain period. Children who eat so many candies will always suffer from cavities later on. It is best to consume it in convincing quantities. Likewise, Tobacco consumers, will often develop yellowish teeth that give them an older villain look. But when you maintain clean oral hygiene and your teeth sparkle when you smile, you look a lot younger than you are.

Choose a good toothpaste and mouthwash

  •  Toothpaste- You may get confused about choosing the right toothpaste as several eye-catching brands are lined up whenever you visit a shop. But to maintain good oral health, you should always choose toothpaste that contains fluoride. Why because the fluoride is an important element in oral health. And also, it is always preferable to use toothpaste that is mostly colourless or white.
  • Mouthwash- People will always skip this part without knowing the prominence of using a mouthwash. Regularly washing your mouth with a good mouthwash will enhance fresh breath, brighten the teeth, and hydrate the soft tissues. After brushing your teeth, you must gargle your mouth so that the area in the mouth that cannot be cleaned by the tooth brush will be free of germs. This will also prevent you from various oral health problems such as gingivitis, cavity formation, plaque, etc.
  • Some people will always prefer breath strips to mouthwash, which will help get rid of the bad breath instantly. It will dissolve in your mouth and give a fresh odour and it also comes in various flavours.

Diet and Dental visits

Keeping the oral surface clean but adding the right nutrients to nourish oral health is important. Food rich in prosperous calcium, magnesium, zinc, and foods containing vitamin C best helps to enrich the oral cavity. And it would be best if you did not underrate the importance of water intake. Water intake benefits you in oral health and helps in the proper functioning of all the systems in the body.

It would be best if you always considered visiting your dentist at least twice a year. A dentist will validate your oral cavity and give you the best advice for any mild conditions in the early stage and rectify it. A professional can only help you with all your specific health concerns. It is best to screen than diagnose it, as people say preventing it is better than cure.

Winding it up:

Although you follow all the oral hygiene and still feel like something is bothering you with your oral health, you should always remember the following. People always feel like brushing in the morning is enough, but they are wrong. To maintain good oral health, you should always consider brushing twice. Because brushing in the morning will help you fight the morning breath. And brushing in the night before you go to sleep will guard your teeth overnight. This will also help you have a fresh morning wake up without bad breath to shout “good morning” with confidence to the person lying next to you. Take care of your oral health and be the centre of attraction wherever you go. So make your teeth white and shine bright.

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