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6 Effective Ways to Write a Proper Essay

In a student’s life, essay writing plays an integral role. It is included in the curriculum of their academic session. But, students always neglect the importance of learning to write a good essay or a personal story. They think essay writing is pointless and uninteresting. So, they never show interest in improving their essay writing skills, due to which they score less in their English subject.

Students should realise that essay writing is essential in school and higher education. When students go to college to pursue their higher education, they need to do assignments or dissertations. These assignments or dissertations need thorough research and proper writing skills because teachers will allocate marks accordingly. So, students who are proficient in essay writing skills can do it quickly, but those who are not, it will be challenging.

Writing skills can be developed in various ways. Students learn to think logically and organise their ideas and thoughts in essay writing. Essay writing also enhances vocabulary and grammatical skills. It also helps students to explore their creativity. Creative writing will help students when they start working. Students should also learn the different techniques of writing an essay based on its type. For example, while writing an informative essay, it is essential to do thorough research, study the topic and gather different ideas and thoughts and place them all together.

Essay writing forms a significant part of preparing students who want to sit for competitive exams. While preparing for competitive and board exams, students should go through various essay writing topics easily accessible on the internet. They should know the correct technique or method to know the art of essay writing. One should practise essay writing and editing to make their thinking process more precise. Doing so helps them increase their grades.

Here in this article, we will discuss the right approach to writing an effective essay.

6 Tips to Write an Effective Essay

1. Understand an essay

An essay is a written piece designed to present an idea related to a specific topic. It is considered a tool to deliver the writer’s vision in a non-fictional way. The primary purpose is to analyse a given subject and form an opinion on it. While evaluating the essays, examiners judge based on their structure, grammar, clarity and development of ideas.

2. Update your knowledge

Before drafting an essay, students should be well updated and informed on the latest issues and topics respective to the selected subject. It is always beneficial to be well-informed about various topics and current issues so that students can justify their essays. Students should make a habit of diversifying their reading to broaden their knowledge base.

3. Essay drafting

Before writing an essay, students should begin to read the topic well and take down the ideas that come to mind. The best way is to take note of the crucial points and informative keywords. The next step includes brainstorming and creating ideas for the selected topic. Students should evaluate the topic chosen based on when, why, how, etc.

4. Select an effective title

Students should make sure that the essay’s title is compelling and based on the content of the essay. The essay’s title should be crisp and clear within 7-8 words so that readers can understand the essay’s brief by reading its title. It is always advisable to write the essay’s title at the end.

5. Introduction and body of the essay

Always focus on the essay’s first paragraph as it captures the readers’ attention. It is always better, to begin with, a quote or anecdote when starting an essay. But it should be relevant to the essay topic. The beginning paragraph of an essay helps in clarifying the purpose of the essay to the readers. The structure of the body should be in chronological order. It should be organised according to the valuable and impactful points. To support ideas and opinions, don’t divert from the main topic.

6. Conclusion

The essay should conclude by summing up all the points elaborated in the essay’s main body. It provides light to the final perspective related to the essay topic. To make a good impression, a solution-oriented essay is always impactful. Always try to end it on an optimistic note.

Read the essay from the reader’s perspective and make changes accordingly. It is better to proofread the essays to cross-check spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc. After through proof reading the final draft, students must check it with an essay checker to find out the mistakes if any. Students of the CBSE Board should be well-versed with the essay topics included in the CBSE syllabus of the academic session. To get a brief idea of writing an essay, students can refer to essays available on the internet.

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