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How should you save money on hotels in Dubai?

A good vacation is what every person needs in their life to overcome the stress that their hectic routine gives them and Dubai is a perfect and most popular spot for that. Dubai has a number of luxuries and entertainments to offer to their tourists, as well as the architectural wonders that can not stop you to stare at them, and this is why each year, the number of tourists is increasing at a rapid rate.

If you are an ex-pat and want a luxurious style of living, look from the wide range of JBR or luxury villas for sale in Dubai but if you are in Dubai for a short stay, Dubai has hundreds of hotels, so it should be no issue to find one. So who wouldn’t want to save some money without sacrificing the level of service offered on their hotel deals? Saving money on Dubai hotels will save you a lot of money on your vacations, money to go shopping, to visit, or to dine in one of the many excellent restaurants in Dubai. Fortunately, while the Emirates also boasts lavish hotels, there are a number of pleasant low-to mid-budget hotels that serve businesses or visitors.

Here is a list of tips for saving money on Dubai hotels:

Plan your budget

Set your budget per night of stay before your trip. All the websites for hotel bookings have room prices to help; this way you can know what you are likely to afford in your budget and which hotels are too costly to avoid.

Hotel location

Location is one of the most important factors determining the price of hotel rooms. Choose a hotel that is a little out of the main city of Dubai, because the facilities are almost always cheaper without worrying. Note that hotel rooms at the seaside are always more costly than inland rooms. You live in a city that has a range of lovely beaches only a short drive from here so every day you can go to the beach instead of just staring at it from a hotel room.

A productive public transportation system of buses, taxis, and Dubai Metro connects Dubai. By means of these modes of transportation, most travelers in Dubai can save money and instead invest in some great hotels a little farther from the center of the city.

Plan the time of your travel accordingly

If your trip dates are flexible, it is advised that you travel after peak dates so that at that period you get fantastic discount deals. As many hotels give huge discounts to draw guests, this can save considerable costs, especially the 4 star and 5-star hotels where more varieties of rooms are available.

Unfortunately, the hot summer months from May to October collide with the off-peak season in Dubai when the temperature can shoot down to 50 degrees. You should be aware of this before you make your reservations.

Important events

In the seasons where important events take place, hotel rooms are generally more costly because there is substantial demand for rooms. This normally happens every year at Dubai Rugby Seven, Dubai Shopping Festival that runs one month, from late January until February, and at Dubai Open Tennis Championship in February, each year. If necessary, skip these times to fly to Dubai unless, of course, you are here for one of these long-awaited activities.

Request for special enhancements

Don’t be shy about requesting enhancements if you are on a special occasion like a honeymoon or an anniversary. Hotels will always try to make customers satisfied to get business back, so you might be shocked at an upgrade or at least a chocolate and champagne in your bed.

Room facilities

Few hotels charge a fee for breakfast, lunch, and other facilities that you do not need during your stay. Evaluate how many of these will be used and pick your room accordingly. Since you will probably be experiencing some of Dubai’s popular brunches and popular eat-outs, booking a room only without any add-ons is probably cheaper.

Special offers and discount coupons

Hotels give offers often, such as a free stay or an upgrade to a nicer accommodation so keep an eye on these deals as they will greatly reduce the room costs. There are also websites such as Groupon and Cobone, which frequently offer major discounts on hotel rooms and facilities, that are worth checking out.

I hope the above tips will help you on your next trip and you will save some money on hotels. If you are planning to move to Dubai permanently, villas for sale in Palm Jumeirah will provide you every luxury and amenity that you look forward to in a lavish lifestyle.

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