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Why should we choose health checkup packages?

People have now realised the importance of the saying ‘prevention is better than cure’. They are now much more aware of the importance of maintaining good health and the harmful effects of a bad lifestyle. It becomes extremely important that people go in for full body-check ups at regular intervals to understand their body as well as health better. Regular health check ups will be a preventive check on our health.  Health Check-ups can be done every quarter, every six months, or every year. Early detection will be very helpful in fighting the disease before the emergence of any complications.  Even the individuals who are seemingly healthy and show no signs and symptoms of any diseases are advised to go in for regular health checkups at least once in a year. Effective health check up packages are essential for managing a person’s health.

Let us look at some of the tests that should be included in the health check up package according to the person’s age-

  1. Individuals in their 20s and 30s:

Glucose levels, Blood pressure, Cholesterol levels, STD screenings, cancer check-ups, as well as Pap smear in the case of women. 

  1. Individuals in the 40s –

The health check up package should cover all the above mentioned tests as well as Eye check ups, testing for Type 2 Diabetes, Cardiovascular check ups, Mammogram for women and Prostrate cancer screening for men

  1. For people in the age group of 50s and 60s –

The package should cover all the above tests and hearing tests, bone density and cancer screenings

How often should a person get the health screening done?

If a person is between 20 and 30 years of age, then it is advisable to go in for a health check up package once every two years.  For people who are 30 years old and above, at least a yearly health screening is very much required.   On the other hand, for people how are over 50 years of age, frequent health screenings are recommended and in the case of people above 60, age-related tests are conducted. Full Body Health screening includes basic tests on even healthy people to identify those who have risk factors or early stages of a disease but don’t yet show any signs and symptoms. Let us look at some of the common tests that will be included in a health check up package-

What is included in a health check up package?

  1.  Sugar levels – Sugar levels are commonly included in a health package and should be checked if a person has a family history of diabetes, or if the individual’s blood pressure or cholesterol level is high.
  1. Blood Pressure – It is one of the most important tests that is included in the health package.  If the blood pressure of an individual is very high, they may be asked to undergo some other tests for the identification of the causes of the high blood pressure.
  1. Cholesterol levels – This is common for everyone as the doctor will check the cholesterol levels in the body. However, cholesterol should be checked especially in the case of overweight people and also for people who regularly drink alcohol or indulge in smoking,
  1. Pap Smear and Mammograms, etc. – These tests are commonly conducted for the prevention or detection of breast cancers as well as cervical cancers, especially the disorders that can typically affect women.

What are the benefits of a regular health check-up?

There are a variety of health screening packages that are available. You can even customise the package and include the tests that you want to get done. The packages are available in different price ranges also. Choose an effective health check up package according to your requirement and book your appointment. The benefits of regular health check ups are as follows-

  • It not only lessens the risk of falling ill and enables the better management and treatment of diseases. 
  • Timely detection of the diseases even if the person is unaware or is not showing any signs and symptoms.
  • Helps in diagnosing a disease before it can progress to a critical stage.
  • The patient will be able to save a lot of costs in the long run.
  • Going for a regular health check up package, will help you manage your health and motivates you to lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • You will be able to lead a better life by following healthy habits.
  • You will be able to get information about the latest medical technology that is available.

Regular health check ups will help individuals to learn about any chronic illnesses even before the signs and symptoms start to appear so that timely action can still be taken. Choosing an effective health check up package is an efficient way to detect diseases early for the benefit of the people.

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