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Why Artificial Intelligence Is Such A Powerful Patient Data Tool

Patient data is like a goldmine in the health sector. When analyzed and used accurately, it can be the breakthrough in discovering a cure for many diseases. The entry of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into medical health has brought much-needed hope. 

Unlike human analysis, AI accurately and timely analyzes tonnes of data and classifies them into understandable chunks for better interpretation. 

Here are more reasons why AI is a powerful patient data tool in healthcare.  

  1. Improved Disease Diagnosis And Treatment

Although the use of AI to diagnose and treat patients is in its infancy, some results are promising. AI is being used to analyze data and detect skin cancer, and the result shows the machine performing at the level of dermatologists. Also, AI has recorded a 93% success rate in detecting cardiac arrest compared to 73% for humans. 

AI is also being used to predict if diseases such as cancer may progress rapidly or slowly based on an algorithm rather than clinical staging. As a result, doctors efficiently assess the situation and offer better healthcare treatment. 

  1. AI-Assisted Surgery

AI can guide and assist surgeons during surgery and reduce the complication rate compared to surgeons operating alone. The machines are being used to analyze past data from past surgeries to guide surgeons on the best and ideal approach to take, and the results are positive.  

Additionally, AI is used to conduct minimal invasion during surgery, and patients are spared from large incisions and the prolonged duration it takes to heal large wounds. The machines also guide surgeons’ instruments during surgery, cutting the surgery duration by 21%. 

  1. Accurate Analysis Of Health Records

Accurate analysis of patient data is a remarkable achievement in the healthcare sector. The information is used to make clinical decisions. However, extracting and analyzing tonnes of data in a timely and reliable manner was challenging. 

Analyzers faced data quality and integrity issues, incomplete records, and data mismatch, making extracting meaningful information challenging. AI, on the other hand, uses algorithms to analyze data. They offer accurate and consistent data that you can use to make critical medical decisions

  1. Improved Patient Care

AI has improved the way doctors and clinicians deliver services to patients. For instance, they take less time analyzing images as machine-learning algorithms are used to analyze 3D scans up to a thousand times faster. This means doctors analyze vital patient information in real-time and use the data to offer proper treatment. 

Apart from faster service delivery, AI facilitates telemedicine, where a doctor from one side of the world can perform surgery on another continent through a camera. Telemedicine has made it possible for specialists to deliver services without taking hours traveling to where the patients are, as one minute in the medical world can save a life. 

Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare: How It Is Benefiting The Industry

 Artificial intelligence is a powerful patient data tool that analyzes data to offer better patient care. Accurate data analysis also means fewer errors and reliable information in making critical medical decisions in the healthcare industry. It also means improved diagnosis and treatment of serious diseases such as cancer or heart disease. 



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